Edgy Fashion Rebels Rock Bryant Park
Rock & Republic, Fall 2008


A seat at the Rock & Republic fall show was about as hard to come by as a perfect pair of jeans; and no less coveted. Standing room? Non-existent. Not to mention countless celeb sightings.

But every garment that walked down that runway made braving the crowd and waiting in the wings well worth it. The edgy and rebellious Rock & Republic was started by the Southern Californian CEO/Designer, Michael Ball, and in only four years it has become one of the most sought-after and successful brands in the world of high-end denim.

For this show, denim took a backseat to slinky, body-hugging evening wear in blacks and purples, women’s style tuxedos and all around glamorous looks completed by black fedora hats worn by many of the striking models.


To prepare for the show, makeup artists spread a sea of products from NARS, MAC and their own makeup line which has yet to be officially released. Polly Osmond worked on many of the models using what she called “lots of taupe-y colors on the lid and highlights on the insides of the eyes.” For lips, Osmond said Rock & Republic’s pale pink colors were her top choice.

Ten hair stylists curled, straightened and added extensions to model hair in pursuit of styles that were either extremely sleek or airy and bouncy. Brad Hensler, color director at NYC salon Edris, was one of the stylists working the show. He used products like Loreal Texture Expert, Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Spray, and his personal favorite, Glam Power Spray by Davines to create a look of soft, tousled waves that frame the face. “The product goes on really dry but lets you move the hair if you need to and it’s undetectable on hair,” he said. “It also has a forceful spray, so it gives a blow and holds well.”

As the lights went down in the tent, instrumentalists entered to take their seats in the orchestra pit that sat in the middle of the two-lane runway. They provided the musical element for the show, playing background music for rock songs from classics like The Beatles. And both the men and women rocked their runway walks to the music better than they ever could have without the band. The entire show was colored with only black, silver and purple, but no other color was necessary to make the bold statement that Rock & Republic so proudly exhibits through all their garments.

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