Ed’s Plant-tastic NYC Shop

There are a lot of reasons why Ed’s Plant Shop stands out. Most importantly, there’s always fresh inventory, guaranteeing access to varied and interesting new arrivals, including rare plants that are hard to find.

The lush, eggplant-colored leaves of the Oxalis Triangularis “Purple Shamrock” I received from Ed’s Plant Shop adds an eye-catching pop of vibrant color to my home office workspace. Shipping a plant with such thin, delicate stems is tricky business. Therefore, I’m thrilled to report that not a single stem was broken during transit.

Ed’s also features a “Rescue Plants” selection featuring plants that are basically healthy but not quite up to meeting Ed’s strict quality standards. Those hugely discounted plants are quite a steal if nurturing neglected plants is your jam.

Ed’s Plant Shop is a houseplant lover’s paradise, complete with cool planters ranging from earthy to funky or glam. It is worth a visit—virtually or in person. Ed’s offers local pickup, local delivery, and nationwide shipping. In-store visits in Bushwick by appointment only.


Rachelle Nones


Rachelle keeps up with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, travel, food and beverages, home decor, and entertainment products and services. She adores black and white photography, dogs of every shape and size, bedhead gardens, Craftsman style houses, and savory entrées. Rachelle is a hobbyist photographer and nature lover. Her photographs illustrated her Vermont country store article, which appeared in Grit magazine.

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