Elements Truffles: Ayurveda Inspired Artisanal Chocolate

Elements Truffles are paleo, non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free. Each Element Truffles Chocolate offers a wholly unique and decadent flavor – be sure to check all of their flavors out, because they’re truly inspired and creative. For example: cool peppermint with stress relief lavender, tangy oranges & carefully cured quinoa with a bespoke turmeric twist, an earthy, spicy & romantic flavor of rose and cardamom, sweet and salty with a touch of bitter turmeric, & a heavenly combination of chocolate and raspberries for a delicate taste with beetroot for immunity. All chocolates have been inspired by and designed in accordance with Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of medicine. Lavender helps balance the Vaata dosha (air element) of your body to improve overall metabolism & skin health. These dairy-free chocolate bars are also free of common emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives & synthetic flavors/scents – raw chocolate bars with no refined sugar/synthetic sweeteners. Plus, 25% of all profits are donated by the manufacturer for the benefit of under-privileged children. Sweet, indeed.