Enter Today And Win Flawless Skin For A Year

If a genie came out of a bottle and told me that I could change one thing about my appearance, I would without hesitation ask for new skin. Just looking at my face up close under my bathroom mirror’s row of harsh florescent light bulbs is enough to make me cry. I’ve got dry, red patches, oily break-out prone patches, red spots left over from my bouts with adolescent acne, a splattering of freckles across my nose that I’ve always hated, all combined with what I consider to be fairly large pores. Oh and I’m pale like a vampire and burn at the mention of the word “sunlight”. Paints quite an attractive picture, doesn’t it? My usual morning face prep routine consists of a layer of pore-refining serum, a layer of moisturizer with sunscreen and a layer of foundation, all set in place with a brush of loose powder.

So this past Fashion Week, when I was handed a sample tube of Miracle Skin Transformer backstage at a show, I didn’t think much of it. What sort of miracle could transform my skin? Well, a week later I decided to give it a try despite my cynicism and wouldn’t you believe it? My skin WAS in fact transformed.

Miracle Skin Transformer was developed by beauty industry expert Sarah McNamara. It’s an all-in-one tinted primer, moisturizer and SPF 20 UVA/UVB sunscreen. The texture is light and airy, sort of like mousse in a tube, and it is easily applied and absorbed into the skin. Almost immediately upon application my skin looked airbrushed. The discolorations were evened out, the fine lines were smoothed, the dry bits looked hydrated and the oily bits looked matte and the finish appeared as if I had set it with powder. And unlike other tinted products I have used, there was no obvious line of color at my jaw. It blended effortlessly with my natural skin tone. My skin appeared flawless without the obvious look of heavy foundation. Miraculous indeed!

And now Miracle Skin Transformer is giving you the chance to win a Miracle Beauty Makeover. Hurry and enter today (you have until September 30th) to win a complete beauty makeover with Fashion Week make-up artist Ashlee Glazer and a one-year supply of Miracle Skin Transformer for you and three of your friends! I highly suggest not missing out on this one. Go to http://www.miracleskintransformer.com/fashionweek to enter.

And if you are interested in trying a tube to try for yourself, sign up for a free sample at http://www.miracleskintransformer.com. I’ve ordered my next supply already. My wish has been granted.


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