Escape Entertainment Boggles The Mind In Herald Square, NYC


Think Houdini meets Rubik meets contemporary gaming and a heady trip. Interactive gaming has taken Asia, Europe and other parts of the world by storm, and now, Escape Entertainment have set up a puzzling outlet on 32nd Street in New York City. It’s a race to escape with several game rooms that encourage thought, analysis and teamwork — a 60-minute journey to test your wits and problem solving skills.


They currently offer three game rooms:

Monkey Mayhem is a celebration of all that is New York City, The players must restore the chaos caused by a renegade group of monkeys on the run. Do it in 60 minutes and you’ll be happy to get away from that monkey business and back in your cubicle.

Prohibition Pandemonium transports players back to the New York City speakeasy life of the Roaring Twenties when the simple quest for a refreshing cocktail could land a person in very hot water. It’s an intoxicating experience.

Alien Attack is set on a distant planet in the year 2215, this futuristic adventure requires time travelers to quickly transform into master escape artists (lock, stock and barrel) to avert an alien threat.


Each game room gives clues, keys and passwords to help with your group’s challenge. There is also an arbiter watching each room via closed circuit TV who is available if necessary to help with the process if you find yourself in a bind. It’s the hottest game to hit the streets (if you’re smart) and there are plans to expand the venue in the coming months.

Book now and it’s just $30 per gamer, with 20% off until July 15th.

Summer fun in the city.

Escape Entertainment
39 West 32nd Street, 4th Floor
(Between Broadway and 5th Avenue)
New York, NY

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