Everything’s Coming Up Rosé: Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Chandon Way


Bubbling over with excitement for love’s favorite day of the year? Well, Chandon has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate with cocktail recipes to savor and a beautiful bonus gift, courtesy of their partnership with Sephora. A limited-edition lip gloss in a sparkling pink hue is the perfect pairing for a kissable pout. It’s available at select stores nationwide throughout the month of February with the purchase of any Chandon bottle.

That bottle is also bursting with the possibility of creating delectable drinks that will quench your palette’s thirst for tantalizing taste. Here are a few simple selections you can concoct at home for your own champagne-style seduction:

Chandon Rosebud
4 Raspberries
1/3 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
3/4 oz. Gin
1/4 oz. Simple Syrup
2 Dashes Rose Water
Directions: Shake fresh lemon juice, gin, simple syrup, and rose water over ice. Pour into glass and top with 3 oz. Chandon Rosé. Garnish with raspberries.

Chandon Hibiscus Romance
1 Hibiscus flower (wild hibiscus flowers in syrup – made by the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company of Australia and available at Whole Foods)
½ Tbsp. syrup from the jar of wild hibiscus flowers
1 Small drop of rose water
Directions: Combine hibiscus flower, syrup, and rose water in a champagne flute. Top with Chandon Blanc de Noirs and serve immediately.

Strawberry Rose Topped with Rosé
1 Scoop strawberry sorbet
Directions: Top one scoop strawberry sorbet with Chandon Rosé.

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