Experience a MindTravel Piano Journey with Murray Hidary at Central Park

On June 23rd, a very special event will take place on the Great Hill in Central Park. A “MindTravel Live-to-Headphones “ silent” Piano Journey” will be led from 7-9 pm by composer and meditation expert, Murray Hidary. This unusual MindTravel event will bring together contemporary classical music, visual art, theoretical physics, and wisdom traditions to conjure a unique musical moment that seeks to explore an understanding of the universe at both the visible and hidden levels.

This unusual event will be a way of reaching new territory for participants by connecting them to themselves in a new manner. The MindTravel performance in Central Park will start with a framing intention by Murray during a short talk, after which, a powerful musical experience, using nature as the backdrop, will follow.

Murray Hidary’s real-time compositions will be beamed directly into your mind while you kick back and take in your surroundings. MindTravel’s mission is to move people to a greater purpose in their life through music by opening up their psyches and motivating them to make changes for the better. Expect the music to make you aware of layers of yourself you barely knew of, allowing you to reach deeper relaxation and new mental clarity.

Murray has created other unique experiences you may have heard of like Underwater Floating Meditations and Silent Walking Meditations in parks and museums.

Since its inception, MindTravel has been praised by a wide array of influential thinkers and figures. A multi-disciplinary artist and tech pioneer, Murray Hidary wants to help people find their purpose in life to live better. Find more information about Murray Hidary HERE

Reserve your headphones and get ready for an unusual evening of music, relaxation, meditation, and mental exploration. Bring your favorite blanket and a picnic to share with friends, and be ready to let your mind wander and rediscover the world amid the peaceful setting of Central Park. Tickets are $30 for adults. 12 $ for children.

Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mindtravel-live-to-headphones-silent-piano-journey-in-central-park-tickets-155649051503