Explore the Best Pizzerias in NYC with Scott’s Pizza Tour


Pizza…mmmm. As New Yorkers, we’re spoiled to have some of the best pizza in the world at our fingertips. Just looking at the photo gets your mouth watering, doesn’t it?

Pie from Best Pizza in Brooklyn

But no one has quite a passion for pizza like Scott Wiener — founder and lead tour guide of the popular Scott’s Pizza Tours. “I’m obsessed with pizza…I think, in a healthy way,” he said as I tried out the tour for myself to see what all the fuss is about.

Scott’s mission…when he first rented a school bus and took 30 of his closest friends on a borough-bouncing ride to the great pizzerias in the area…was to share this pizza-passion by bringing the people to his hot spots.

That was 5½ years ago. Today his full-time job involves all-things pizza, and the near-daily tours have expanded to include the Crosstown and Greenwich Village Pizza Walks, the NYC Pizza Bus, and even private events made to order. During your pizza-loving excursion, you’ll try a slice then analyze the crust, sauce, cheese and everything else about pizza you can (or can’t) think of at each shop you visit.

Not one to proclaim the dos and don’ts, the rights and wrongs, or even the best vs. the not-so-great, Scott has set up the tours to inform, delight and inspire. With an oven thermometer and stopwatch in hand, your fearless guide will show you the way. Like one particular slice over another? He’s happy to share a list of other New York slices that might strike your fancy.

With 2,332 pizzerias in New York City, it doesn’t hurt to get a little guidance (and have a ton of fun) once in a while. Check the tour calendar and purchase tickets at http://www.scottspizzatours.com.

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