Fair Finds: Stick a Fork in It


This roving reporter recently perused a local street fair in her neighborhood. I was fascinated by some products, how they were made and the beauty of the final results. Our readers may want to consider these for upcoming gift ideas. I sure would love to find these goodies under my tree.

Forks for captivating sculpture:
New York artist and sculptor Matthew Bartik never met a fork he didn’t like. He uses both cocktail and dinner forks to construct pieces that are well…so cool! At first glance, I was drawn to the metal figures, reminiscent of Boccioni, before realizing that they were entirely made of forks. Bartik is such a master manipulator of these utensils that the forks get absorbed within his pieces. What you get are organic fluid sculptures that can be enjoyed and viewed from many angles.

Bartik produces his stainless steel creatures from the strength of his arms and hands and a loyal pair of pliers. Statues are custom-made and unique to themselves. Depending on the size and complexity, sculptures can take several months to complete. For instance, my favorite was a two-foot humanic piece that takes Bartik 2 ½ months of work. Hubby needs to commission this soon in time for the holidays. And I’ll need a big stocking laying by the mantle.

Bartik has created his fork art for over a decade. His work is featured in museums and multiple private collections. Visit http://www.Fork-Art.com and email at [email protected]. National and worldwide shipping is available.

Decadent candles:
New Jersey artist Lynn Conway fooled this sharp writer with her ultra realistic-looking candles. I was attracted to her booth, Candle Cafe, because I was savoring the yummy desserts. While I didn’t load up on calories and sugar, I did feast my eyes on the prettiest candle assortment I could imagine. And I’m no candle connoisseur.

Conway lovingly designs and hand crafts her candles into gorgeous food and drinks. Details, shapes, and colors are so superb, I would hate to bite the cake, sip a cocktail, or guzzle the beer, even if I could. But how about lighting the wick?

Contact Conway at [email protected] or 201-681-0138. She’s based in Hewitt, New Jersey.

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