Fashion’s Night Out At Destination Maternity:
Heidi Klum’s Lavish and Loved Fall 2010 Collections

On Friday fashionable bellies and Moms were strolling glorious Madison Avenue to their preferred destination at Destination Maternity™. I was making my way there too, with my son and pushing my daughter in her stroller to the night’s hotspot – to view Heidi Klum’s maternity lines and perhaps catch a glimpse of the fierce Super Model and Super Mom.

As usual, it was a challenge to get two toddlers and myself presentable before we boarded the Metro North to Manhattan. That day I had a complex time crunch as well, with pre-K drop offs and pickups, violin lesson, naps, play time, meals, etc., in addition to my writing projects. Oh, I can’t image Heidi Klum’s daily routine and she has four young children and multiple careers. But we both made it to Destination Maternity sans kids! (Dropped them off with Daddy.)

Launched early this year, Lavish and Loved Collections by Heidi Klum™ offer style options that are both higher end to moderately priced, suitable for Mommy’s needs and budget. Lavish is exclusive to A Pea In The Pod™ and Loved to Motherhood Maternity™. The maternity lines stay true to Klum’s personal knowledge and experience of style, comfort, and practicality during pregnancy. The Fall pieces feature sophisticated fun styles made from five soft fabrics (cotton, polyester, modal, viscose, and elastane) in great flattering fits that stretch and drape well. Dark heather grays, cornfield blues, and plums dominate the color palette.

Klum’s RTW clothes combine easily. For example, a long sweater can be worn with a skinny jean or leggings, while a print blouson top can be paired with slacks in neutral tones. And depending on the time of day, the collections give a Mom-to-be good wardrobe choices: Cascading cardigans, tunics, and slim pants for the office; mock layer tanks, hoodies, jeans and leggings for play; and long ruched maxi dresses and embellished tops and sweaters for elegant affairs.

“Heidi’s Collection is young, hip, and trendy for Moms of all ages,” said a Destination Maternity spokeswoman.

While I got to report on Klum’s Fall collection, I also learned about maternity styles through the decades. There was a retrospective show of maternity fashion from the 1950s to the present. Here are some highlights:

• 1950s – Lucille Ball shows her pregnancy on TV for the first time! Fashion was conservative and overly feminine, i.e. think June Cleaver and bouffant hair.
• 1960s – Fashion starts to loosen up, and there’s more skin. Enter the miniskirt and bikini. Mary Tyler Moore introduces Capri pants to housewives on the Dick Van Dyke Show.
• 1980s – Fishnets and fingerless gloves, acid washed jeans, leggings and shoulder pads abound. Thank you Madonna!?
• 1990s – While Doc Martens give us comfort, Carrie walks in her Manolos a lot. And the characters on Friends influence our style choices.
• 2000s – Tops and dresses are bohemian and flowered. Hip Hop is more mainstream. We wear Crocs and Uggs.
• 2010 – Countries, vampires and werewolves challenge each other for global dominion. The birth of Heidi Klum’s Lavish and Loved Collection. Her clothes are available at Destination Maternity and online at

I was thrilled to attend this Fashion’s Night Out. I nibbled on retro hors d’oeuvres and mocktails (no alcohol as this is a maternity superstore). There was only one down side: I could not snag a huge black Loved signature tote, filled with wonderful goodies for Mom and baby. I am not pregnant and was not going shopping…

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