Fashion Emergency? Call a Glambulance!


As if you didn’t know….this is Fashion Week in NYC and whether you’re in the fashion business or not, all New Yorkers get caught up in the excitement of the season.

Meeting up with friends for that “let’s get together cocktail”? On the calendar!
Figuring out your new fall nail polish? Hmm…gel? Crackle? Blue? Red? Try ‘em all.
Shopping for the perfect new dress to welcome fall? Still looking, right?

Let Cynthia Rowley lend a helping hand with this last one. For starters, check out her new dresses for this season. Wearing her gotta-have-it-now patterns in those figure flattering silhouettes will make your inner self start singing, “Someday my prints will come”.

But, more than just a pretty face – and a pretty dress – Cynthia has teamed up with Band-Aids to make all your boo-boo’s heal faster, and look cuter in the process. The Band-Aids are printed with a myriad of designs, from shots of her runway looks, stylish gold chains, sequins and lace to jewels. Trust me; you’ll never go back to wearing those plain ugly beige ones again!

Today, look for the Glambulance!

On the streets of NY today, the traveling Glambulance will be offering solutions to all your style blunders. Inside, you’ll find makeup artist Mickey Williams, along with hair stylists and a supply of the most fashionable first-aid supplies. Stop in and get fixed!

Friday, September 9th, 1:00PM–9:00PM–5th Ave and 52nd Street

Later this week, check out the Band-Aid page on Facebook and enter to win their Fashion Malfunction Contest where people will upload their most hilarious fashion malfunction stories.

Contest prizes run from a fashion emergency kit chock full of the fashion fixes you know you need, including the adorable Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids, all the way to a $2500.00 Cynthia Rowley Shopping Spree and a styling session.

That would fix a lot of boo-boo’s wouldn’t it?

Band-Aids and dresses available
Contest on Facebook/Bandaids

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You are simply “Glamfabulous”, Candice. Hope you enjoyed fashion week..


Why thank you!
Stay tuned….we’re organizing our thousands of pictures from Fashion Week – from the runway to behind the scenes – and will be posting them in the weeks to come!


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