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Style mavens know what they like and never rely on trends. We love shopping but dread the task of actually finding that perfect dress, coat or amazing pair of shoes that usually exist only in our heads. Fortunately for us, some brands are realizing the pain of searching for that special garment or accessory.

Taking a cue from the dressmakers and tailors of decades past, smart retailers offer custom-designed options
for savvy and techie clients who want to be involved. Here are two examples:

Burberry Bespoke lets consumers customize the ins-and-outs of the classic Burberry trench from collars to monograms, to buttons and hardware. Plus, Burberry has made it easy for dreamers to design their coats and post to Facebook and Twitter to share with their followers.

Shoes of Prey is a the site for women who want to end their search for the “perfect” heel (or boot or flat). Shoppers have access to more than 4 trillion possibilities, tailoring everything from heel height, materials, colors, and embellishments. Any gal with an internet connection can have her dream shoes on her doorstep in about three weeks. The 3d designer feature lets a wannabe designer view a true-to-life version of her creation even on an iPhone or iPad.

Since we are so interactive these days, let’s do so with the clothes we wear. Design away!

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