Let me preface this piece by saying that I was going to the Ports 1961 show with minimal expectations. First, I knew little about the brand; second, the show was at 9am on Wednesday. Who goes to a show that early? But once I saw the complete “look” – the luxuriously effortless style of the collection, I was thanking my lucky stars that I had tumbled out of bed early enough to partake.

Backstage, I spoke to Gordon Espinet, the makeup artist for M.A.C., who said, “the idea of the look (for face) is fresh, pretty….as though the models have no makeup, but accenting the strong elements.” These “strong elements,” which happen to be ubiquitous for Spring 2007 are of course, the strong eye and lip: an almost nude look that allows the models’ unique features to be pronounced. Espinet used M.A.C. Fix+, a spray that moisturizes the skin, thereby rendering it super hydrated radiant with a slight sheen.

The eyes were coated with an original M.A.C. mascara formula called “X,” but only the bottom outer half, at the rim. This look, explains Espinet, “complete with a dark eye shadow, gives a ‘smoldering’ look.” What that means is that it looks as though the model has applied the makeup, taken it off and applied it on again…or forgot to wash her face last night when she tumbled into bed at 3 am after some fabulous party and her resourcefulness leads her to smudge on a little more of what she used last night (to replace what ended up on her pillowcase) and head back out the door. Run-on sentences, J’adore! Excusez-moi, I was up very early, you know!

At Ports 1961 the lips were stained with “Lovin’ It Light” from M.A.C. It’s a deep fuschia color tat was applied just in the middle of the lips. The colour was highly noticeable on the runway, and they complemented the rich tones of the clothes which included numbers like the coral linen gauchos, gold silk blouse, mudskin box coat and red silk tulle top.

The hair was done in a French roll (but going the opposite direction, at the nape of the neck), and is a “simple, soft updo,” says Louise O’Connor, hair stylist for OC61. “It looks as though it is ‘not too groomed’.” O’Connor used Elnette and Phyto hairsprays to give the hair a subtle sheen. “The chief look is simplicity, and a natural flow of hair,” she said.

As we noted, easier said than done!

[b]Another Chic Ponytail at Carlos Miehle[/b] By Tallulah Dumonde

Brazilian born designer Carlos Miehle has become a favourite for socialites (particularly, we hear, Alex Kramer) and party girls everywhere, and from the look of things backstage at his Spring 07 show at the Pavillion in Bryant Park, he’ll continue to be.

The look was very Hampton’s beach scene, and to create the hairstyles to compliment the clothing, Carlos called upon Damian Boissinot of Bumble & Bumble. Damian said the look was “Messy girl. Clean on top, but a messy ponytail, like you just got off the beach and haphazardly pulled your hair back into a chic ponytail”. To get the look, the stylists started with a loose middle part and made a high ponytail. Girls with shorter hair had extensions. To add texture Boissinot told us they used Bumble & Bumble Hair Painter and “Does It All” hairspray to keep the disheveled hair in place.

To create the makeup look for the Spring collection, Carlos turned to MAC’s Romy Soleimani. Romy created a face that was neutral, by using tinted moisturizer, a bit of concealer and minimal powder; conveying the slightest glow of healthy skin. The eyes were magnified by using Scene eyeshadow on the lid only and then rimming the eye line with Slate liner, which creates a fresh young and defined eye, without the sparkle we have seen in the past. Lips were neutral shade applied over concealer to create a very natural, warm and pale and ultimately kissable pout.

[b]Elegance Reigns at Douglas Hennant’s Spring 07 Show[/b] By Tallulah Dumonde

Gotham Hall provided the perfect backdrop for the elegant Romanesque beauties who strutted their stuff for Douglas Hennant’s show yesterday. In keeping with so many other shows we’ve seen this week, the ponytail stood out as the pinnacle of simple-chic. Stylist and look creator Julien Farel created a style that started with a definitive, low, off-center part. Hair was wrapped around the rubber band so it wouldn’t show. Stylists used a flat iron and/or heat to create the sleekest of ponytail styles.

In keeping with the simply chic look, MAC artists went for clean and flawless matte faces. Makeup guru Polly Ormond created the look using MACs new Fixed Fluid medium to full coverage natural matte finish makeup. Cheeks were glazed with cream blush in Uncommon, which was applied lower on the cheekbone and down the cheek. Ormond kept the eyes shimmery with an irridescent pink shadow and skipped eye liner, favouring MAC’ mascara to open the eyes, bringing attention to luxurious, fluttery lashes. Polly said that they were going for the anti-drama look. Lips were not lined and Myth lipstick (satin finish) topped with a dab of Lusterglass in Instant Gold created a sultry pout that looked pretty without overwhelming the balance created on the rest of the face.

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