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Dolce & Gabanna leopard jacket from Kelly Lynch

What is it about celebrities that intrigue us so much? Why is it that I always find myself casually glancing through this week’s US Weekly while waiting in the grocery line? Maybe to see what Gwyneth donned at the Golden Globes or to flip though the “They’re Just Like Us” section (should I really care that Eva really pumps her own gas)? Whether it’s a Paris panty peek, JLo’s baby bump, or the newest rehab graduate, we are a nation that is celeb-obsessed.

For all of you girlies out there who can’t live without your People subscription and never miss a Joan River’s Celebrity Oscar Special, listen up. Jergens is hosting the “Beautiful Skin is Fashionable” auction to raise money for the Clothes Off Our Backs Foundation. What this means to you, princesses, is that from now until May 3rd, you can bid on some serious garb from your favorite starlets. The winner of the auction will also receive an array of Jergens products (the natural glow Firming Daily Moisturizer – my must-have for spring) to look tres magnifique in (or out) of your new threads.

So the next time someone asks why your gams are looking so fab, you can reply, oh-so-nonchalantly, “Oh, these old rags? They were Charlize Theron’s”. Yes, dolls, you can pour your lovely lady lumps into Miss Theron’s size 29 Blue Cult straight-legged jeans and appease your conscience on the dough you forked out since it’ll be going to children’s charities around the globe.


Other fabulous goodies includes a Tahlula tweed jacket from Jessica Beal, Luciano Padovan shoes from Penelope Cruz, and a Dolce & Gabanna leopard jacket from Kelly Lynch. Visit to check out and bid. So much more fun than ebay!

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