Fashionistas, Designers, Models and Moguls Line Up At Fresh & Co.

Spring has sprung with new eats!

According to the Mayo Clinic, healthy eating includes a variety of foods from the major food groups: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean protein, including beans and other legumes, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. We all know this. However, that being stated, I’ve noticed a trend of new grab-n-go restaurants popping up all over the city. Health-conscious consumers are paying attention, homage, and forming lines at these eateries. Following is what I discovered inside the popular Fresh & Co., at their Fashion District location.

Fast and healthy food for health-conscious consumers.

From runway models to designers to strong and fit business executives, the corner of 36th Street and Broadway is a healthy collision course of BBQ Jackfruit, mixed greens, seed crusted goat cheese, sugar snap peas and a selection of goodness that goes on and on and on. This restaurant recently revealed their seasonal menu in celebration of spring.

I followed the parade of fashionistas during this busy lunch hour as the patrons select and dictate exactly what they want and desire – all orders are made to specific dietary guidelines and discriminating taste.

Where’s the beef?  It’s jackfruit!

The BBQ Jackfruit Bowl carries a calorie count of only 410 to 425. The bowl is served brimming with jackfruit (it truly fooled me in a designer wardrobe as beef: It’s not beef, it’s jackfruit. Amazing!). It also come with corn, various legumes, house-made pickles (spicy), and cabbage with carrot slaw and then served with your choice of brown rice or quinoa. I chose the latter and the overall taste was flavorful — I knew that I made a healthy choice.

Sandwhich Diva!

The Fresh & Co. sandwich selection is vast and there is something for every hunger pang. This spring they introduce their Turkey & Brie on Sweet Potato Bread. For those in the mood for a hearty sandwich, this new offer includes roasted turkey, creamy brie cheese, arugula, dijon mustard and it’s all stacked between a honey sweet potato roll. Yum!

The way to pay.

There are over 15 locations throughout the city. I recommend that you download their free app to place an order for pick-up or delivery as well as quick and easy payment. Digital gift cards and Fresh & Co. rewards are abundant.

There are several locations, ranging from downtown through midtown, and all the way uptown.

Click on the ink to learn more and to place an order:

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Photo Credits: P.K. Greenfield