Fast Track to a ‘GLO’wing Smile

At-home strips slip and slide all over your teeth. In-office treatments can nearly break the bank, not to mention the shocking pain that often comes with them. If toothpaste whitens our smile, it’s barely noticeable. No matter how we try to spin it, teeth whitening has always been a somewhat dreadful chore.

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, oral health expert, author and celebrity dentist to the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Tina Fey, is hoping his new invention will change that, while also making the whole process easier and more effective. GLO™ Brilliant, a professional grade, at-home teeth whitening device, is the first technology to marry light, heat and specialized whitening gel with direct tooth contact to create the ultimate in whitening power.

The technology is fascinating, but almost equally exciting is the device’s design: it’s part iPod, part necklace, 100 percent conversation piece. When your friends see it charging next to your sink or on your bed stand next to the rest of your electronics, they’ll no doubt get gadget envy and rush out to get one of their own. Thanks to Sephora, they’ll have an easy time finding it.

“GLO represents a radical shift in the industry and evolving perceptions of beauty and grooming, so we are thrilled to have Sephora as our partner to launch this significant beauty breakthrough,” said Dr. Levine. The GLO Brilliant system, which launched at Sephora on May 9, uses a patent-pending G.L.O. (Guided Light Optics) technology in its LED mouthpiece which assists in the whitening process through a closed system, form-fitting design that’s hands free.

Patent-pending G-Vials filled with viscous whitening gel

So how do you use this nifty gadget? Here’s the breakdown: First, take one of the 10 G-Vials in the GLO Brilliant package, uncap it, and brush one quarter of the gel solution onto the teeth. Next, make sure the apparatus is charged, take it off its dock, and throw it around your neck like a fancy lanyard. Then, slap the mouthpiece in your trap, tightly over your teeth, and shut it. Press the middle button and, with the shining blue LED lights, GLO! (Too perfect, right?) The blue LED’s will illuminate signifying that your whitening has started. After eight minutes, the lights will flash and then go off – it’s time to take the mouthpiece out, reapply another one fourth of the gel from the G-Vial, and go again. Do this four times consecutively for a total of 32 minutes of whitening a day. In three to five days, you’ll see a difference. If you don’t (you’ve got some severe coffee stains, we understand), then go the full 10 days. Clinical studies with the system demonstrated up to seven shades lighter, so you can be pretty confident that your smile will be brighter.

But the key question is: how does it feel? Will I want to run screaming away from the scary blue tooth monster that has shot my nerves with a dose of pain worse than a filling sans Novocain? Nope. And that’s the truth. Perhaps the best part about Levine’s invention is that you’ll feel no teeth sensitivity.

Before your spouse or roommate gets too jealous about your new toy and incredibly white teeth, tell them they can share the device with you. GLO sells its parts too – so your sig other, roomie, what have you, can buy his/her own mouthpiece and own set of G-Vials, sit tight until your 32 minutes a day are done, and plug into the control. When Sephora recognizes your beauty product (and yes, your smile is part of your beauty regimen, obviously), you’ve really got something. That’s our prediction for GLO, so get to Sephora and grab a kit – your self-portraits will thank you.

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