First Impressions of Fashion Week [BN Gets Its Motor Runnin’ at the Flaunt Magazine Party]

In many ways, the Flaunt Magazine/Carlos Campos After-Party confirmed all the usual Fashion Week stereotypes. There was free booze. There was thumping electro-punk. There were cigarettes. As a veteran of two previous NYFWs (veterans abbreviate, you know), all these events seem to blur into one sequined, carcinogenic mélange. The alcohol sponsors change, but the faces just stay the same.

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However, the Flaunt party offered some lessons for even the weariest of fashion spectators. It was the perfect reminder that NYFW will always pack a limp-wristed punch.

1) If you build it, they will walk.

Splashlight Studios, located on 35th street and 11th Avenue, had earlier housed Carlos Campos’ spring fashion show, and the elevated runway still ran through the cavernous space by the time the drinks started flowing. The good-looking party guests quickly identified this as prime real estate and climbed up on top of the platform to better display their runway-ready looks. It must have been instinct that drew the models in the crowd. Like moths to a flame, a group of the bronzed and bony paraded down the runway in full swagger, stopping at the end to pose for the imaginary photographers. Party guests exchanged confused glances. What was this? A dance? A mating ritual? The long-delayed encore for young designer Carlos Campos? We may never know, but you may want to nix the runway from your next dinner party or wedding reception. I fear a stampede.

2) Big heads, little bodies.

dscn5762_.JPG dscn5764_.JPG

All the statements came from the neck up at the Flaunt party. No, not words. Hair. And lots of it. Tease it, crimp it, wig it. As long as it’s alarming, you’re ready to party. If you don’t have the kind of tresses that speak louder than words, a hat can do the trick. There were a great number of fedoras and brimmed caps on ladies and gentlemen alike. With the combination of big hair and bigger headgear on the fashionably frail, the event began to feel like a trip to a life-size bobble-head factory. It may, after all, be a worthy trend: the supersized craniums have a slimming effect on the rest of the body. This fall we may find that big heads are the new black.

3) Fashion Week is boring.

While standing outside Splashlight Studio, one chicly dressed partygoer asked me if I was enjoying myself. “Yeah, totally!” I trilled. “Really?” she yawned. “I’m bored out of my mind.”

Don’t be fooled by the glamour, beauty, celebrities, and innovative style; Fashion Week is probably the most boring experience a person could be asked to endure. Drivers ed, performance art, watching metal rust. Fashion Week dully conquers them all.

It is with a heavy heart that the Beauty News staff departs for Bryant Park. This week we’ll struggle to keep our eyes open as we go backstage to observe the newest looks in hair and makeup, and stifle our yawns as we bring you front-row coverage of the top designers’ Spring 2008 collections. We martyrs will be having absolutely no fun. Keep the coffee percolating. We’ll need it.

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