Fish & Fashion CAN Cohabitate



What’s more relaxing than a tranquil fish tank, with soft sounds of water and colorful fish lazily swimming around? But that calming feeling can quickly disappear when the fish tank takes up half the space of your apartment! As New Yorkers know, space is key. And as us ladies know, any extra space goes straight to the fashion and beauty accessories and for our visiting gal pals. But one doesn’t have to give up their love of the aquatic to accommodate their love for style and space.

The AquaVista 500 is a new kind of aquarium perfect for those craving convenience while refusing to give up on art as well. Produced by AquaVista Enterprise, Inc., their new wall-mounted, framed aquarium is space-saving as well as fashionable. Intended to house tropical freshwater fish, the AquaVista 500 is only 4.2″ thick, can hold 6.6 gallon and even better, comes with 24 interchangeable frames and 8 interchangeable 3D backgrounds, ranging from solid colors to vibrant marine designs. So whatever the trends may be, your aquarium won’t be lacking in that season’s style.

For busy girls on the go, cleaning your fish tank isn’t exactly on the top of your to do list, but with the computer-controlled technology, (that also comes pre-assembled, thank goodness), the AquaVista 500 takes care of all the inconvenient and messy work that comes along with traditional fish tanks.


I can’t think of any better solution to the large-fish-tank-small apartment-busy girl-on-the- go issue. Instead of coming home after a busy day at work (or shopping) the last thing a chick wants to do is bump into their fish tank, just reminding them that it needs cleaning. So with all that extra space in your apartment and all the extra time, you can sit back and relax and truly enjoy your aquarium…or I say throw a bash and let everyone marvel at your fish tank and how stylishly chic you are for sportin one!

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