Fit to a Tea: Le Palais Des Thés Opens Flagship Boutique in SoHo


As the temperatures continue to drop, everyone is searching for healthy ways to stay warm –
and we have a hot prospect for you. Coffee may be the beverage of choice for many, but tea continues to take hold in tantalizing new ways. One of its purveyors at the forefront of the industry? Le Palais Des Thés. With a new 700-square-foot flagship boutique that just opened in SoHo, the 30th store in their global reach, this French company offers over 120 varieties of high-quality, direct-sourced teas and innovative blends as well as plenty of accoutrements to help immerse you in the experience of each and every cup.

A tour of the store is a treat for the senses and features hand-selected teas flavored with plenty of natural fruits, flowers and spices all on displays that can be seen, smelled and touched. Best of all, guests are greeted with a complimentary cup of the day’s selection, so they are also doing plenty of tasting. A tea wall at the back of the boutique showcases varieties in large metal canisters, and there customers can learn about the teas and select the perfect brew for their palates. The designated tea gifts area includes colorful packages of sampler sets, tea pots,
tea cups, tea-scented candles and more.

Le Palais Des Thés is renowned for its Single Estate black, green, oolong, Pu-erh and white teas. Caffeine-free options are available, as are “Grand Cru” teas – limited edition Single Estate selections that (just like wine) are the most sought-after products by tea connoisseurs and are priced to fit their exclusivity. Many of the teas hail from small plantations in remote locations, and all follow a strict code of ethics for their cultivation.

Le Palais Des Thés opened its first location in Manhattan’s Upper West Side at 194 Columbus Avenue, November 2012. Next month, the company will continue to expand its efforts by bringing its renowned Tea School stateside with a series of tea classes that will be conducted at the SoHo boutique in partnership with 1000 Passions. For more information on Le Palais Des Thés and their products, check out

***All Photographs Courtesy of Stef Schwalb***

Le Palais Des Thés
156 Prince Street
(Between West Broadway and Thompson)

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