Flatiron Sizzles with a New Greek Style Steak House


Ah, the ubiquitous New York City steak dinner date night. Usually one heads to the Financial District or Midtown for a prime cut of red meat, but now the Flatiron District has a boast worthy option with a raw bar to boot.

Recently the seven year old Greek restaurant Parea Bistro re-opened its doors as Parea Prime, a steakhouse/Greek fusion restaurant with a plentiful menu teeming with sizzling lamb chops, burgers, rib-eyes and strip steaks.

The more casual space that used to serve staple Greek fare began renovating in August 2011 to accommodate a more contemporary décor. The resulting look complements the elevated menu and upscale vibe thanks to manager Jean Christophe Villard.

To give you a better idea of the upgrade, the meat comes straight from Pat LaFrieda and is dry-aged in his Himalayan Salt room for classically tender results. It’s the taste we’ve all come to expect, nay rejoice in while celebrating the end of a long week or hell, just making it to Tuesday.

Additionally, the aforementioned raw bar is sure to be a date pleaser considering how they shuck your oysters right in front of you. Also noteworthy is their 200+ long wine list that predominantly hails from America. (It mostly consists of Cabernet’s because they pair best with red meat). If you work in the area then definitely check out their weekday happy hour, $6 for 6 oysters you can’t shake a stick at.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and recommend it to anyone looking to impress on their first date to enjoying a night out on the town with good wine, food and company.

Parea Prime
36 East 20th Street, NYC

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