Fleet Week or Fashion Week? [Venexania Dazzles With 1930s Stars and Sailors]

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Forget the Great Depression. Venexania’s take on the 1930s looks more like a time of bounty. With cheeky sailor outfits, graceful springtime sundresses, and sequined gowns, designer Kati Stern has created a look that reflects the era through the eyes on an A-list movie star. It’s a very pleasant – and terribly chic – revision of history.

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Backstage at hair and makeup, they tempered smoldering sexuality with childlike playfulness. The hair, by Paul Lebrecque, was styled in a traditionally 30s coif – finger waves in front with loopy curls pinned close to the base of the neck. He used his own products (heavy on the hairspray) to create the look, first smoothing the front into sleek finger waves and then curling the back and setting it with dozens of bobby pins. Lebrecque admits this might be beyond the reach of your average at-home self-stylist, but proposes it for a special occasion when you’ve got a second pair of hands at your disposal.

Makeup artist Taymour created a spring version of a smoky eye by applying medium ochre shades with a heavy hand (“California” by Nars). The cheeks were dusted with an apricot blush (“Silvana” by Nars) and the lips colored with a coral shade in high gloss (“Mojave” by Nars).

Thanks to Venexania’s kewpie dolls and sailor girls, we find the Hoover era fondly remembered.

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Runway photos by Ian Bone

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