Flirtation, Flavor, and Fun: Pamela Morgan’s Cooking Class Party


Food and relationships go together in so many ways: with the five senses and subliminally. Celebrity and cookbook author Pamela Morgan brings her understanding of this to life with Flirting with Flavors, her culinary instruction program. She teaches people to spice up both dishes and their lives in her stunning kitchen environment overlooking Central Park.

Pamela Morgan & Ryan Serhant at Flirting with Flavors

On Tuesday, November 27, Pamela invited people to experience and taste this. She and I spoke about how catering prepared her for how she encourages and inspires others. “Flirtation is what life’s about,” she explained to her guests. Her catering business (Flavors Catering) set the foundation for the customized, fun, and informative classes. There is empowerment in cooking from the heart and several of the men who were guests that night happened to be Pamela’s superstar students. They wore “Real Men Cook” aprons.

Guests at Flirting with Flavors Cooking Class

As Pamela and “Million Dollar Listing” star Ryan Serhant concocted Flirty Fall Apple Cider Martinis, she described how this cocktail is different than the typical apple martini: like all the recipes she teaches, it’s seasonal, exciting, and a little bit spicy. Key instructions included the must haves for casual mixologists: cocktail shaker and jigger (or shot glass). As “Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer managed the martini shaker, Pamela instructed the men, “Have an incredible martini and you’ll have her in the palm of your hand.” She had everyone in the room with the key taste (ginger simple syrup) and the “final flirt:” dried apple chips coated in sugar.

Ingredients for Pamela’s Flirty Fall Apple Cider Martini

***All Photos by Kate Harvie***

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