Fly Me to the Moon – or Just to JFK



Do you remember when the act of traveling was kinda fun? When going to the airport was a cinch? You just checked in your bags, went through a simple security gate (yes, even with a bottle of Evian), and waited to catch your plane. Oh, happy times for unassuming happy people.

Ummm, yeah. Those days are long gone, cupcake. Now that we live in a world where terrorists wanna playa-hate, the thought of going to (and through) the airport is more painful and stressful than getting a colonoscopy. (Oh, vulnerable times).

Nowadays, your bags aren’t your private property; you’ve got to keep them unlocked for that shifty-eyed airline employee to rummage through them…

And let’s not even talk about the trauma of walking through the security gate. If you’re one of the lucky grand prize winners, you have a chance to have your god-given endowments padded down ever so suspiciously (or lasciviously) by a yummy TSA agent. (For those involuntarily celibate, this might be one of the most exciting moments you’ve had in a long time).

Oh, and have we talked about the waiting? After all the standing in 10 different lines to reach your gate, you get to hang out a couple more hours before your flight’s called, graciously allowing all the mommies and screaming babies and old people and richer people to go on ahead of you…

But wait a momento. Do you hear that? (Cue ‘swoosh-swoosh-swoosh’ sound). It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No – it’s Super U.S. Helicopter to save our weary traveling arses!

Yes, for all you Manhattan Brat-tinas out there who have no qualms forking out $300-$350 smackers, you can live life once again in uber ease.

U.S. Helicopter has partnered up with American Airlines to introduce a new, fast, and extremely convenient service that flies you via helicopter to JFK Airport and takes care of the entire airport process: checking in your bags, screening you and your stuff, and issuing your boarding pass. (And you thought such service was just for dudes like Donald Trump).

For $169 each way, you can snag a ride at the East 34th Street Heliport, which is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Grand Central Station. If you live a bit further south, the Downtown Manhattan Heliport near Wall Street can swoosh you over for $10 bucks less.

So, whether you’re flying to get to your next business meeting or for some well-deserved R & R, why not save a couple hours of your life and avoid unnecessary stress by flying like you’re a V.I.P (a.k.a. Very Impatient Person)?

For more info on U.S. Helicopter’s schedule, check out:

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