For Beauty News NYC Readers Only: Buy a Denon Blue Tooth Speaker and Get FREE $100 Headphones!

Denon is one of the premier high end audio manufacturers long known for their professional equipment as well as their superlative consumer products. You’re probably also familiar with their other high end line, Marantz. Over the recent years Denon has turned their attention to specialty audio niches where technology, high quality and attention to detail give them a market advantage.

Denon’s Envaya Portable Bluetooth Speaker, is arguably one of the finest small portable speakers ever designed and certainly one of the best looking. It’s got a sleek functional design and the option to change the color of the speaker grille to match your décor. Choose from white, black, blue, red or yellow. It has a flip out stand that blends with the back cover which allows the speaker to be placed on a 30 degree angle. All of this when coupled with its compact size (10.1 x 1.9 x 5.5 inch) and its ability to run up to 10 hours on one battery charge makes for a really “gotta have it” small portable speaker.

The attention to detail is incredible. Examples include a mute button adjacent the volume buttons (in case you receive a phone call), a power on light which also shows you the level of battery charge, a USB power port so you can recharge the phone while you’re listening to music streaming from it and a feature whereby it powers itself off if there is no sound for a period of time thus saving battery. Even the power “brick” has been enhanced, it automatically adapts to all of the world’s major power standards and has a replaceable faceplate for the appropriate plug (the three major ones covering most of the world are supplied). It even has an auxiliary 3.5 mm phone jack and selector button in case your audio source does not have Bluetooth. Even the box has gotten the Denon attention-to-detail treatment, it was designed as a storage case with two molded lift out trays that has defined space for the unit and each of its accessories.

The superlative quality is evident if you remove the grille. Underneath you’ll find the three speaker elements that create the great sound, a common bass radiator (although passive it enhances the bass from the two active speaker elements) and two smaller active speaker elements on each side of the bass radiator, one reproducing the left side sounds and one reproducing the right.

The speaker sounds excellent, much better than the compact size would imply. The richness of the bass from such a small package is surprising and the mid-range is clear and open.

The Denon Envaya speaker is perfect for use indoors or outside, and summer will be here before you know it, we promise.

Denon Portable Premium Sound “Envaya” is available in white or rubberized black
At only $199.00, it’s a great price for a fabulous speaker.

But wait, there’s more!

These Denon Behind the Ear Bluetooth Headphones are designed from the ground up for use when exercising, walking or jogging. They loop around the ear ensuring a secure fit, ending in ear-buds with convenient pads to help position them in the ear. They are made of water (sweat) resistant pliable plastic with molded in up and down volume buttons, over the right ear, and the power on/next track button molded into the center of the behind the ear portion on the right side, and a similar button on the left side to answer phone calls and disconnect. The left and right ear pieces connect via a cable which goes behind the head so it won’t get caught in the equipment you are using.

They come with a cloth carrying pouch made from a breathable fabric, continuing the exercise theme, they attach to a belt or strap with the supplied locking “D” clip.

These headphones have been designed with one purpose, to be the perfect workout headphones and in that they excel. They’re wireless so that no cords to get caught and jerk your head, they fit securely so there’s little chance of them falling off even with strenuous exercise. Along with great in ear sound are safety features such as intentional ambient sound leak so you don’t get run over by a car when running outdoors, and they’re sweat resistant so you do not accidentally short them out, and you can wipe them clean without worries. These Denon Bluetooth in ear headphones are everything you would expect from Denon, superior technology, attention to detail and fabulous quality. These are your perfect workout headphones.

The Denon “Exercise Freak” Wireless In-Ear Fitness Headphones are only $99.99 and are available in
yellow, blue or black.

An INCREDIBLE deal for Beauty News NYC readers…

Buy the Denon Bluetooth Envaya Portable Speaker for $199
Get the Exercise Freak in ear headphones FREE.

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So think of this as a great gift with purchase for yourself, or for an upcoming birthday gift, graduation gift, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. This offer won’t last forever and it’s for Beauty News NYC readers only!

You’re welcome.

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