For the Warrior in You –
Ninja Chick: Six Sacred Lessons for Becoming Cheeky, in Charge, and Simply Genius



Ninja Chick is a charming, feisty, and (surprisingly) spiritual page-turner. If you love the sassy tone of chick lits and have an insatiable appetite for self-improvement books, then this book has got you covered.

Author Mollie Culligan provides both hilariously embarrassing and poignant anecdotes – from the time when she peed down her leg at her own swim meet in junior high to her battle with a serious health issue that threatened her life to falling flat on her face at her own party in front of a hot guy – she manages to find a lesson in all of them. And her writing style is just as approachable. She communicates her learned wisdom by using adorable, quirky analogies and phrases like ‘loving your bean’ and ‘breaking the ties that blind.’ As you scarf down this survival guide, you’ll also discover throughout the pages her love for ancient Asian beauty secrets (check out the honey green tea mask!) as well as natural and delicious ways to de-stress (tumeric tonics, anyone?).

Just a few pages into it, you might immediately ask yourself what prompted Culligan to write this how-to-kick-ass handbook and how she maintained her crazy sense of humor in the process of all her life experiences. Keep reading, and you’ll easily figure out the latter via whimsical excerpts about her good-natured but dysfunctional family. But why the ninja theme? Well, let’s just say Ms. Culligan had a little bit of wanderlust in her DNA and headed on down to the Orient for some serious Zen time. From Tokyo to Bankok to Bali – to even Katmandu – these are some of the destinations that prompted Culligan’s journey into self-discovery. In her own words, she adds: “The inspiration behind Ninja Chick was to put my thumb on that sassy, sexy spirit in women today and give it a name, give it a lexicon we can all collectively relate to, aspire to, tap into. Living ninja is about living fierce and damn fine. The book is an invitation to a playful, personal coup d’etat.”

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait around getting beat down by life’s everyday punches. Laugh and be inspired! Pull out your spiritual nun-chucks, Grasshoppas, and cultivate that warrior in you!

Ninja Chick is in book stores now and can also be ordered on

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Mo Culligan is an amazing person and anyone can pick up little golden nuggets of wisdome from this woman. Ninja chick is a testament to this !

the ninja chick!

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send in your biggest life questions to the ninja!!

xox team of ninja bandits.


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