Forget the Pub Crawl…Do a Cupcake Crawl Across Manhattan


What do you do when you have love for all-things sweet and conviction that a city is best explored through its food? You develop the first desserts-only food tour company in New York City, of course.

At least that’s what happened when Sugartooth Tours founders Sarah Rolleston and Allyson Tolbert got together. Still in their inaugural year at the helm, the two continue expanding the tour selection with each season.

City Cakes’ Cupcake Display

Brand new to the spring schedule is the Cupcake Crawl Across Manhattan — a delectable, sugar-rush inducing excursion that takes you for the six best cupcakes in the city. Filled with equal parts history and culinary background, this tour will teach you the origin of the cupcake and what used to go on top (hint: it’s not frosting), the meaning of fairy cakes, and even some local trivia — all while your mouth is having a crazy party with your taste buds.

Fun fact: the two head hostesses have yet to meet a patron who’d been to every stop on one of their tours. Challenge accepted?

Sarah Rolleston, Co-Owner Sugartooth Tours, with Sweet Revenge Cupcake

Besides being the perfect way to sweeten up an ordinary afternoon or a friends and family visit, the Cupcake Crawl can be customized and privatized for your next event. Be it a birthday party, bachelorette party or just a girls’ weekend, it’s always fun to do something a little out of the ordinary. You can even select your go-to spots from their master list. Contact Sugartooth at least two weeks in advance to start the planning.

Regularly scheduled Cupcake Crawls run Wednesday through Sunday at 2 pm. Visit to purchase tickets in advance (recommended) and for a complete tour schedule.

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