Forza Pizza: Swag, Stories, Equipment and Recipes

Pizza Lovers Unite! If you love everything pizza then you will want to check out Forza Pizza. Created by Pizzaiolo Alberto DeCicco after building a brick oven in his parents backyard, Forza Pizza is his way to share everything pizza on the internet. DeCicco not only has an eclectic pizza website, he is also a Guinness Book of World Records Title Holder for the World’s Longest Pizza.

Forza Napoli T-Shirt
Show some love for Napoli, the birthplace of our beloved pizza. Part of the Forza Pizza City Series, this bright blue shirt emphasizes Napoli in big bold letters and accented with a hand-drawn and digitally remastered pizza Margherita. 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, pre-shrunk, with a tear-away tag. It’s soft and light with a perfect amount of stretch. Sizing is unisex and comes in S-XXXL.

Pizza Booty T-Shirt
For some pie lovers, pizza goes straight to the booty and that’s okay. Wear this fun shirt and be proud of what you represent.

Forza Chicago T-Shirt
For those of you who believe that Chicago has the best pizza and are devoted to the world-renowned deep-dish pizza. this shirt is super comfortable and comes in all sizes.

Forza Napoli Mug
Get your day started right with your cup of Joe or tea in a Forza Napoli mug.

To learn more about the Forza Pizza, I had the privilege of speaking with founder Alberto DeCicco, who answered these questions:

Could you tell me a little bit about your background and how you got involved in the pizza business?

I grew up in a pizzeria family. My grandparents opened Trattoria Porretta in Chicago in 1964, and it is still in business today. I worked on the pizza line in high school and college and that is where I got hooked on pizza. I then built a brick oven in my parents’ backyard and really got into recipes, making pizza, trying pizza all over the world, and then sharing it all on Forza Pizza. That led the site through multiple iterations from blog to a social network where others could share their pizzas, to e-commerce swag shop, to today — where Forza Pizza is a national pizzeria equipment dealer focusing primarily on the best pizza ovens (PizzaMaster) and dough mixers (Esmach). 

When did you start Forza Pizza?

Forza Pizza started in 2007 when I wanted a place to share the building process and pizza making so I started the site. It grew a little bit every year and introduced me to other members of the pizza community, and provided some awesome pizza-related experiences. Today, Forza Pizza is a pizzeria equipment dealer and a place to find recipes and fun pizza swag. 

What would your best pizza advice be?

My best piece of pizza advice is REPETITION. Chances are your first, second, and tenth pizza won’t be great. That is normal, so don’t be quick to blame the recipe. The more you make pizza the more you will realize how things are supposed to look and feel. I’ve used the same recipe for years, but the pizzas got better because I got better at making them.

What was your favorite part of the Guinness Book of World Records competition?

The best part about the world record was that it was truly a grind! During planning and when we first arrived, making a mile-long pizza seemed like all fun and games. Then when we started, worked through the night, overcame obstacles, and pushed hard to get it done, we all really felt great about what we accomplished. It felt like a sports team made up of pizzamakers!

Find Alberto’s article “When I helped make the World’s Longest Pizza” HERE.

To learn more about Forza Pizza and check out the pizza collection, visit Follow on Instagram @forzapizza.


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