Freezing can be Fun at Swirl Whirl Yogurt Buffet


As we count down the days to warmer weather we must accept that this arctic blast is still lingering h in NYC. I decided that instead of hiding from the cold I was going to go out there and beat the burst, and freeze myself in a delicious manner.

I wandered into Swirl Whirl Yogurt Buffet on 3rd and 78th in the Upper East Side. Thinking this was just another new FroYo joint I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and found myself in a delicious frozen wonderland. I was greeted by Dafna, the owner of this glorious place and after we did some bonding over our love of sweets and our young daughters she gave me a guided tour and explained to me the ins and outs of what makes Swirl Whirl unique.

I am sure you’re are thinking “another yogurt joint, what’s so special?” – well dear reader, let me tell you why Swirl Whirl stands above the rest. Let’s start with the flavors. Of course they offer your classic loves like vanilla and chocolate, but then you become captivated by things you have never seen (or tasted) before. Flavors like Angel Food Cake, Maple Drizzle Bacon Donuts and Toasted Marshmallow are just a few available to send your taste buds on a wild ride. Flavors change regularly and sometimes they even make up their own original concoctions. You can go there every day and never have the same thing twice. To make it even better, all flavors are kosher, most are gluten free, free of high fructose corn syrup and all contain probiotics to promote better digestive health. FroYo that is actually good for you!? You betcha!

Is your mind blown yet? Well, to make things even better, they offer up a variety of toppings both healthy and sweet, there is even an option to add boosters to make it even for beneficial to your health.

If this isn’t enough for you already, just make your way to the front of the shop and you will find a wall full of homemade delicious desserts. Swirl Whirl makes sure they up the anti by bringing in decadent desserts made from their “mystery baker” just to make your experience a little more sweet. Aside from common treats like cookies and pastries you will find new things like Mousse Bombs and even a Chocolate Mug of Baileys Mousse. I kid you not, these were sinful and my goodness I was a bad girl. I tried every single one of them, and then took a few to go. Needless to say, they never made it home with me that night.

Swirl Whirl is a fantastic destination to freeze yourself in the most loving and delicious way. Relax in their lounge, feed your sweet tooth and for once enjoy the cold!

Stay Sweet,


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