The French Cheese Board invites You for Free Cheese, This Thursday


With all the holiday shopping and finishing everything on your to-do list, it’s nice to take a moment, relax and nibble on some cheese. Not that mediocre supermarket stuff. We’re talking real French Cheese here…with a capital ‘C’…or “F’ for Fromage as they say in France.

The (FCB) French Cheese Board (yeah, we get the joke) invites you to try three wonderful cheeses from France that may not have crossed your lips before – two new ones and a classic favorite. When you add fine cheese to a recipe, you Make it Magnifique, and this Thursday, Dec 18th, you’re invited to try some that you’ll likely want for your holiday gatherings….or just for yourself. First up is a sublime double crème that tastes like a triple crème. (my fave) The second cheese is a whipped style that’s oh so light and airy. Great on a hunk of fresh crusty French baguette or use it to lift a bagel and lox to a whole ‘nother level. The third sampling is a wintertime favorite, Raclette. Like Fondue, Raclette involves each person preparing their own. However, unlike fondue, Raclette is not made into a dripping dipping sauce, but rather is melted over bread or potatoes and served from a special Raclette pan. (Many cheese stores in NYC sell the pan, and some will even rent one to you for a day).

The French Cheese Board will be promoting these cheeses from Dec 16th -30th, so you can stock up for all your holiday celebrations, including New Years. However, on Dec 18th, there’s a special event where they’ll be creating special recipes and doing a ton of free sampling.

Stop by, and have a nibble or three.

The French Cheese Board (FCB) 26 West 39th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues) Thursday, December 18th – 10:00AM – 5:00PM After the event, they’re open for shopping until Dec 30th.

For some great recipe ideas, check out these Make it Magnifique recipes and cheese tutorials

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