Ga Ga for Fall Fashion at JUJàš


Looks from Thuy

JUJàš the PR hosted a private event that showcased their Fall ’08 Collections such as Willow, Thuy, Manish Arora, Maria Pinto, Thrive, Shoes by Olivia Morris and Anne-Valarie Hash.

Thuy, my favorite line, is composed of extraordinary work by an up-and-coming luxury designer who was raised in a family of tailors in Vietnam. Thuy’s self named collection is a series of contradictions with unexpected folds and tucks that make for unique draping and puffing in the fabric. Her layered coats over the sheer and feminine dresses would be my dream go-to outfit for fall.

Willow originated in lingerie, and the ethereal quality of the design literally flows seamlessly through what is now a high-end line of day and evening wear. The Sydney born Kit Willow is known for her effortlessly chic chiffon dresses, cashmere capes and laser cut detailing, as well as a cult following with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Cameron Diaz.

Manish Arora, whose work is nothing less than art claims, “You don’t like my work? You don’t have to.” And whether you do or don’t, there is no mistaking his extraordinary talent. His cultural masterpieces march from the runway to Indian Reebok commercials.


Looks from Arora

The Olivia Morris Autumn/Winter 2008-09 Shoe Collection was inspired by a long weekend spent in Berlin. This shoe collection is a reference to the post-war modernism and girliness with a little rough around the edges. I fell in love with the Filly, a mary jane with the unique double-T bar strap.


Fumi and Franny

The rest of the designers, such as Maria Pinto, who dresses Michelle Obama, and Thrive make it apparent that Juju chooses among those with only the most remarkable talent. Their carefully selected lines feature artists with new concepts toward design and the variety makes it fresh and interesting. See for yourself at

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