Gadgets For High-Tech Moms

She’s always been there for us. Constantly reassuring us that the other girls at school were “all just jealous,” reminding us that the possibilities were endless and if we wanted to, we could have clouds for dessert. She proved to be up on the latest trends when she bought us our first electric toothbrush. Our adoration for her channels speechlessness, and although we cannot confine our love for our precious mothers into one day, we can surely give her a preview as to just how much we care. Here are some fresh new gadgets made for her:


The SONY DSC-W80/P Digital Camera

Mom loves pictures. Even when you didn’t feel like modeling that new outfit from the Gap anymore, or smiling gleefully with your cousin who just stole your lollipop, there she was with the camera in your face flashing away like the papparazzi. Now we can appreciate her photograph loving by giving her something compact, efficient, and not to mention downright cute. The cyber shot DSC-W80 7.2 megapixel digital camera from SONY sports features like face detection to bring out natural skin tones, convenient in-camera retouching, and the double anti-blur solution allowing low light shooting without the flash. The Cybershot DSC-W80 is available in four stylish colors: white, black, silver, & pink.


The Phillips 71FFAW Digital Picture Frame

So now that mom’s got her camera, she has more pictures to show off than ever before. Dust-collecting frames line the perimeter of her desk and require daily periodical cleaning and rotation. No more, I say! The new digital picture frame from Phillips allows her to transfer photos from any USB-enabled computer and have them cycle over and over. (one per hour, one every day, or one for each week) Her photography skills will be the talk of the town. Or maybe the town will talk about you, how photogenic you are, or how they’re tired of seeing different angles of your face every time they step into her office.


The Irobot Roomba Scheduler Vacuuming Robot with Intelli-bin

Save her the trouble of lugging heavy upright vacuums around and gathering dust bunny armies in living room corners because she’s too busy to clean. Avoid being trapped into dust bunny warrior mode every time you visit. The Irobot offers all the features of the Roomba scheduler plus Intelli-bin (telling you when to empty Roomba’s bin). The guess work is eliminated and she can set it to clean as much or as little as she likes with or without being home. The system includes filters, brushes, cleaning tool, and two scheduling virtual walls. Irobot also carries vacuums for the pet owner mom, floor washers, and pool cleaners. Just remember that its there or else you’ll find yourself trying to “kill” it in the middle of the night when all the little cleaning robot wants to do is leave your home on spick and span status.


The Garmin Street Pilot c550 In-car navigation GPS receiver w/ integrated traffic receiver

Are we there yet? You’ll never have to ask this question again thanks to this small electronic device of genius carrying along with it an impressive price tag that won’t have you emptying your account down to the penny while trying to hide from the disapproving stares of bank tellers. She’s tired of two-hour trips turning into voyages and oversized maps with undersized print. The Garmin Street Pilot contains preloaded maps, a huge points of interest database with hotels, gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, and more. Simply touch the super-bright sunlight readable color screen to enter a destination and the c550 will take her there with turn by turn voice directions. It’s like having another you in the car! (The you that knows exactly where to go, of course).

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And enjoy a high tech Mother’s Day with the most important woman in the world!

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