How to Get Georgine’s Perfect Saint-Tropez Beauty

The Georgine Spring 2015 show almost convinced us that summer isn’t winding down. With designs inspired by Saint-Tropez and the glamorous women who spent their summers there in the 1970s, watching the runway made us feel as though we were in the height of vacation season.


It wasn’t just the gold dresses, big hats, swimsuits and turbans creating a beachy ambience. MAC’s Gordon Espinet created a beauty look that truly made the models look as though they’d been flown in directly from the French Riviera. The makeup was minimal, for as Espinet explained, “This is a woman who is spending her day on a yacht in the South of France, she doesn’t have time to fuss around with makeup — she’s on vacation!” Espinet emphasized that it was important for the models to look fresh, rested, and natural.

To accomplish this, he passed on heavy eye makeup, and instead focused on making the skin bright and moist—pointing out that when one is on vacation in Saint-Tropez there is a certain amount of sweat that gives the skin a natural sheen.


If you want to try the look yourself, it’s easy. Espinet used a MAC mineral foundation and plenty of highlighter on the face, and he applied a small amount of burgundy eye gloss to create a subtle, yet natural smokey effect. For the lips he used a neutral lip pencil to “get rid of any color” and then applied a gloss. “We really wanted texture coming out of the eyes and lips,” he explained. “Again, this a girl who keeps it simple; she puts on gloss and walks out — there is no mascara!” The result was indeed a simple look that complemented Georgine’s shiny, retro designs, and made us wish we had a few extra months to hit up the beach before Autumn.

What do you think? Is it French Riviera perfection, or is it a little too simple for your tastes? Let us know in the comments.

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