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The Bobble Head. The Open Mouth. The Broken Neck. Whether it’s on the subway or in that cozy cubicle at work, we’ve all been guilty of being one or more of these types of snoozers. Don’t you wish there was a little hideaway where you could take a mini-siesta and feel good about it? Well, pat me on the back cuz I found a place for you girls! Look no further because has got ya covered!

Okay, Yelo is not a spa. It’s more like an urban retreat and wellness center where you’re encouraged to take a breather and get your ZZZ’s on. At Yelo, you can relax and energize all in a matter of minutes. But thankfully, you’re not going to find a million scary-looking contraptions that are supposed to help you wind down. Actually, Yelo provides you with just two simple services: reflexology and an ideal environment to nap peacefully.

Nicolas Ronco, founder and CEO of Yelo, LLC, came up with the concept after traveling extensively throughout the world as part of his corporate job. During multiple business trips to Asia, he observed that employers and employees who worked in stressful environments and kept long hours were a lot more effective when they consistently took quick recharging breaks during the day. He thought that this philosophy would work big time in the Big Apple. Ronco was right-o.


So how do these services work? Well, if any of you guys are agnostic on the practice of reflexology, it’s basically a means of relieving excessive stress by using finger pressure and massage techniques. There are certain pressure points on your feet, hands, and ears, and once these specific areas are pushed and prodded, you become a happy puddle of puddy. You have a choice of a 30, 60, or 90-minute session to re-flex your body. (And, by the by, Yelo has a strict no-tipping policy…Cha Ching!)

After your reflexology session, you’re directed to a soundproof ‘YeloCab.’ After choosing what kind of music you want played in the ‘Cab,’ you slip off your shoes and stretch out onto a custom-designed ‘zero-gravity’ YeloChair that reclines to make you feel weightless and to help you fall asleep. This power-napping session can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes long. Oh, and get this: at the end of the nap, a simulated sunrise is what slowly wakes you from your slumber. That’s HOT! You’ll wake up revitalized and ready to take on that project, board meeting, dreaded phone call, or even that annoying co-worker!

Yelo is conveniently located in midtown at 57th and 8th Avenue. Sleepwalkers are welcome.

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I tested Yelo recently . It is Great !
Do not hesitate to try

A. Spellam

Yelo was a fantastic experience– I want in a stress mess and walked out a calm and collected. It was amazing what a 30 minute session can do.


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