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For most busy New York women, the recommended 8-hours of sleep a night has never been a possibility. There’s always something keeping us up late and waking us up early, interrupting our precious beauty rest and leaving us with the dreaded under eye circles and less than glowing skin. Until now…

United Feather & Down has team up with one of our favorite beauty brands, Borghese, for a line of home textiles that promote the connection between beauty and a good night’s sleep. This is the first such licensing agreement ever between a home textiles firm and cosmetics manufacturer.

The Villa di Borghese line features luxury bedding including a bed pillow and comforter, spa pillow, booties and spa body wrap. All items are crafted with beautiful 300-thread-count Italian Tile Dobby Cotton in either white or Borghese’s signature ivory, finished with a natural aloe vera treatment.

“Physical and mental restoration takes place when you sleep, affecting the way you look, feel and live out daily life. The partnership of our two companies is pioneering the notion ‘that it’s all connected’ – body, mind and soul – take care of your skin – take care of your body inside and out,” says Neil Petrocelli, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Borghese Inc.

The collection includes:

– Botanical Down Pillows with Removable Cover and sample of Dolce Notte Reenergizing Night Crème
– Botanical Down Comforters and sample of Dolce Notte Reenergizing Night Crème
– Botanical Down Booties and sample of Piedi Vitale Therapeutic Foot Crème
– Botanical Down Alternative Spa Pillow with removable cover and sample of Botanico Eye Compresses
– Botanical Down Alternative Spa Body Wrap and sample of Bagno di Vita Body Soak.

Now you can finally get your beauty rest, even if it’s still only 5 hours.

Villa di Borghese is now available at Bloomingdales. Visit for your nearest location.

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