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[/center] Who remembers a piece i did about the Ghost fashion show a while back where I just went on and on about how much I love Ghost and their clothing. I, in fact, remember, and I’ll recap for those who don’t: I LOVE GHOST. I seriously wanted to rip the clothes off the mannequin’s bodies, steal them, and take them home with me. Whimsicle, flowy, girly fabulousness was abound. The best part about their store is that you can pick a style dress, or shirt, or whatever that you like and it can be made for you in any pattern. That’s like custom design, people. That’s like…couture. Ooooh, couture. And I know we all love us some rockin’ couture.

Ok, so, believe it or not, something has come up that has made me fall even more in love with Ghost — THEY’RE HAVING A SAMPLE SALE. I know, it’s freakin’ crazy, but you heard it here first. Oh, wait, did I mention this is their first ever sample sale in the US? Yes, I know, it’s just too good to be true. And the best part is — the stuff is actually cheap. You know how at some sample sales you go thinking you’re going to get a good deal and it really sucks because “good deal” really meant “slightly less expensive than you would have paid had you bought it in the store.” It’s disappointing and misleading if you ask me.

But, with this sale, believe it or believe it, we’re talking c-h-e-a-p. Selections will include: High Neck Coat in Quilted Velvet  Was $930.00, Now $300.00; Sundress in Sequin Crepe  Was $610, Now $84.00; Eyelet Blouse  Was $380.00, Now $120.00; Sequin Comforter  Was $395.00, Now $198.00; Crepe Bias Skirt  Was $180, Now $56.00. I’m sorry, did you catch that — something that was $610 now costs $84 … that’s like 800% off or something.

The sale goes from December 6th through December 8th, and will be going from 11:00am – 7:00pm each night. At the store. The sale is being held at the store on Bond Street. Sorry, almost left out that detail (hee hee — it’s really just my secret ploy to keep all the goods for myself). They’ll be accepting Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Cash — no checks. But seriously, who uses checks anyway? Oh, wait, I do to pay for my therapy. I must have blocked that out somehow. They say they’re going to have sizes ranging from Petite to XL, but if Murphy and his law are invited, the size you need is going to sell out quickly, so I’d go at, like, 11:00am on the 6th. Just a suggestion.

Ghost: 28 Bond Street bet. Bowery and Lafayette; (646) 602 2891

…and in other sample sale news…

Bliss is having their crazy happy holidays sample sale — a.k.a. “blowout sale” starting next week on December 8th through December 10th. Here’s the fun part, they’re taking the sale to the streets. That’s right, some bliss-fully happy spa ladies are going to be parked on the corner of Charlton and Hudson (345 Hudson to be exact). Prices are going to start at $1. You can barely cut a cup of coffee for $1 now, which is why I love me some holiday blowout sales.

The press release had the cutest little poem in it, that I thought I’d share with you:

the boxes may be bent, or have a little ‘dent’, but in the name of beauty, it’s money well spent!

Now, really, could I have written that any better? This clearly says to me that some of this stuff might look like it’s used, but I swear it probably isn’t … unless I had just happened to walk by and try some and then secretly stuck it back in the basket…mwah ha ha.

All kidding aside, who doesn’t love Bliss, and who doesn’t love Bliss more when it’s cheaper? Oh, and the best part is the first 25 people to shop will be given a blissertificate for a spa service. That alone is worth more than what you’re probably going to spend at this sale — they’re practically paying the first 25 people to come and shop at this sale. Gotta love it.

Call 646.502.1504 for sale details.

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