Giveaway! You May Be the Lucky One to Get a Free iPad or E-reader Cover

It seems that everyone has an E-reader or iPad these days, carefully balancing their prized tablet with one hand while riding the subway and navigating the mass of people on the trains during rush hour. You may be part of the crowd, having one of these handy devices, but you can still stand out with sleek and chic style.

Graphic Image ( has beautiful iPad and E-reader cases, from sedate black and brown leather, to the other end of the spectrum with sleeves in bold neon colors like pink and orange, and even eye-catching metallics or crocodile embossed leather.

Graphic Image also has a few different sleeve styles. There is an easy slip in-and-out sleeve for the unfussy types. And the traditional fold-over case that allows your tablet to be set on the table. Their envelope type case can also double as an evening clutch!

Starting today and lasting a month, Graphic Image will give a 20% discount to all Beauty News readers for the purchase of a case. And one lucky BN purchaser may be in for a special surprise and get her/his case for free! Just go to their site and type PULSE in the Coupon Code box – it’s that’s easy! An added bonus is free personalization on the case if you purchase before August 15th.

You can also get the Graphic Image products at Kate’s Paperie and Sam Flax stores, but the discount and chance for a freebie is only through their site

Kate’s Paperie
72 Spring Street
435 Broome Street

Sam Flax
900 3rd Avenue
3 West 20th Street

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Rebecca Zaretsky

the freebie offer is not showing up on their site.

Christopher Szaz

You enter in PULSE in the coupon code box in order to get the discount.

They will then select a winner among those who entered that code into the box and they will be awarded the free cover.


Enter me for the contest!


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