Giving Back: 3 Ways to Help Essential Workers

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Everyone knows that the Healthcare and Hospitality Industries have been hit particularly hard during this pandemic. Following are several ways that you can help these essential employees — Garden Lites’ Veggies Made Great, The New York Community Trust and the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation (RWCF) via Old Flame Tees (above).

It’s time to give back!

Vintage Americana

Many city dwellers and visitors alike remember Beauty Bar located in lower Manhattan on the teasing comb edge of the East Village. This bar/beauty parlor/soiree/nightclub was the inspired creation of entrepreneur Paul Devitt and a bevy of smart and talented drag queens. Mr. Devitt’s current endeavor is Old Flame Tees. These T-shirts are designed on a cotton/polyester blend shirt with a matchbook-inspired illustration of bars, lounges, pubs from the 40s and 50s. The designs are a nod and wink to the original matchbooks from the time that gave us greasers, smokes, cocktails, the jukebox and uniquely distinct Americana like a souped-up car.


Pass the $ Plate

50% of all proceeds go directly to Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation (RWCF). This foundation has raised over $6 million to help 16.78+ million hospitality workers through their grant program within the United States during this most difficult time in our nation. The screening process is thorough so the funding only goes to eligible, confirmable and approved applicants.

Buy your t-shirts here: Old Flame Tees

Make individual, company and corporate donations: RWCF

Is it Snack O’Clock?

I was recently introduced to Veggies Made Great by Garden Lites. These little superfood snacks are made with veggies as the primary ingredient. Many of their products are gluten free, soy free, peanut free and tree nut free. All I know is that they are delicious for a quick snack.

From a Garden? Really?

When I first received the delivery from Garden Lites, I tore into the box of blueberry muffins made with zucchini, carrots, blueberries, etc. It was a sticky and muggy day so I decided not to defrost the muffin and took a nibble of the partially frozen treat. It was just okay. I was disappointed.

Later, a friend and colleague of mine stopped over for a visit. I wanted his opinion of Veggies Made Great products. I then followed the directions to heat up the Spinach Egg White Frittata. — it was so tasty that we decided to indulge with their Superfood Veggie Cakes — another winner. I then brought out the Double Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins and followed the instructions to heat them up in the microwave. Wow, what a difference. I learned not only to follow the instructions on the box but also placed another order online.

Healthcare Heroes

The best veggie news is that Veggies Made Great is conducting a Healthcare Heroes Program. Based in New Jersey, this contest will give the winning nominee and their nominator free Veggies Made Great products for an entire year. Here are the candidates:

  •  Zachary Dixon, Arkansas – Dixon Family Dental
  •  Chris Levi, Florida – Paramedic at AMR
  •  Stephanie Warren, Virginia – NICU Nurse
  •  Amy Tsoi, Virginia – Nurse, Nurture Care
  •  Katrina Crossley, North Dakota RN Care Manager, Dept. of Veteran Affairs/ STG International

Voting ends July 31, 2020: VOTE

Discover: Veggies Made Great




Help New Yorkers during this pandemic with The New York Community Trust. They connect all generous New Yorkers with vital nonprofits working to make a healthy, equitable, and thriving community for all of us. The Trust is a grant-making foundation dedicated to improving the lives of residents of New York City and its suburbs. They bring together individuals, families, foundations, and businesses to build a better community and support nonprofits that make a difference.

Learn more: New York Community Trust

Pics: RWCF, Getty Images, P.K. Greenfield, Shutterstock

Illustration: P.K. Greenfield

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