Greece Moves in on Brooklyn Heights

korres.jpg Korres, my absolute favorite natural beauty line that hails from Greece, has opened their second store in the U.S. Brooklyn’s Montague Street is the lucky piece of land. The Korres creative team worked to reflect the borough’s thriving artistic scene and the busy corner where the store will call home resembles a bazaar with oversized side palette counters, traditional Brooklyn frontage, exposed lighting and Korres’ signature tin. All elements combined make for an artistic, yet soothing atmosphere- exactly what a beauty store in Brooklyn should be.

Floor-to-ceiling ingredient posters are what make up the store’s art-a good sign that a company’s proud of what’s in their product. And they should be when their list makes up pharmaceutical properties such as calendula and hyperium, flora herbs like basil and thyme, food ingredients such as yogurt and honey and other natural raw materials that result in a line so lovely, I was hooked from the moment I tried the first natural product.

Upon checking out the new store, stock up on summertime favorites like their Watermelon Body Scrub. The exfoliating element is ground bamboo and jojoba beads. I love a scrub, but hate when my tub is left so slippery that I can barely stand. This product is light and non-greasy, but does the job when it comes to leaving the skin silky smooth. I prefer to finish that off with the Mint Tea Body Milk. The “youthful, easy-going and light” milk has a powdery texture that goes on matte and made for the city’s inevitable heat waves. And for the beach, the Sweet Orange Sprayable Sunscreen Emulsion Face and Body Milk smells heavenly. Spent too much time on the beach? The Yoghurt Cooling Gel uses the real stuff to soothe your tender skin.
And of course, all products are guaranteed to leave you feeling like a Greek goddess.

Korres Natural Products Store
140 Montague Street

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I love Korres – their soft eyeliner in Khaki green is the most flattering, sexy liner in the world! Totally a fan. BBB


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