Happy Hour and the Ballet…It Turns Out They Do Mix


How do you like your cocktails…dirty? On the rocks? With a splash of lime? Well for this, you don’t have to choose…or even order. On Thursday, ballet company Ballets with a Twist will perform its signature program, Cocktail Hour, at XL Nightclub and Cabaret.

Prepare to be dazzled, seduced and mystified as classic cocktails of times past come to life on stage. Martini, Shirley Temple, and Absinthe (to name a few) will take their turns in the spotlight. And Mint Julep, fresh from the derby, is set to premiere in front of the XL crowd this week.

Photo credit: Nico Malvaldi

“Expect a very full evening of music, dance, glamour and romance,” said choreographer Marilyn Klaus. “It’s kind of edgy, but also grand.”

And it doesn’t hurt they’ll be performing in a bona fide cabaret nightclub.

“We were created to be in this kind of venue…with the glamour and the sexiness,” said Klaus. “It has a lively excitement to it.”

Inspired by a time when pop was born and cocktails were king, the original choreography, costumes, and music in Cocktail Hour nod to the days of Sinatra and Kelly — an era proclaimed by Klaus to be the “most creative period in American expression.”

Photo credit: Nico Malvaldi

Go ahead, treat your senses to a night out with Cocktail Hour. Whether you’re a ballet aficionado or just dabbling in the arts, there’s something for you. So, grab your favorite sip-able cocktail from the bar and have a seat to watch the dancers work their magic.

The show starts @ 8 pm Thursday, June 14. Get advance tickets at http://www.showclix.com/event/229725.

XL Nightclub and Cabaret
512 W. 42nd Street

Learn more about Ballets with a Twist and other upcoming performances of Cocktail Hour at http://www.balletswithatwist.com.

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