Help Make a Wedding Day Dream Come True!

Melissa Piorkowski and Wilmar Acevdeo are high school sweethearts and longtime partners. They are planning on getting married in the near future. Help make their day memorable by voting for them in The $100,000 New York City Magical Wedding.

In Melissa’s own words:

My name is Melissa and my fiancée’s name is Willmar. Our journey began 12 years ago in high school. Little did I know that answering a knock at my door would change my life forever. It was him, the love of my life that I had been eyeing for a few months. What I didn’t know until I opened the door is that he had set his sights on me as well. He asked me to a movie and the rest was history. Everyone that knew us saw the magic. We were perfect for each other. When he graduated, a year before me, he went to the University of Connecticut, Stamford to stay close to me. I needed him here while my family struggled with the addiction and death of my stepfather. I couldn’t have made it without him so when the smoke cleared I supported and helped him pay to go away to the University of Connecticut. When he graduated he got a job and we both started saving to move in together.

We always knew we were going to be married and never needed a formal engagement. I never needed a ring to know we would be together forever. We were saving for an apartment and we couldn’t afford a ring. A few years later we had our very first apartment . About two years after we first moved in together we were visiting my family in Saratoga, NY when he took me to a park, sat me down on a bench and proposed to me. Can you believe he saved for two years to buy me a ring when we are living paycheck to paycheck??!! We have been through it all, from euphoria to anger, silliness to sadness. Although the journey has been an emotional roller coaster, we have always been there for each other. Always. I love him with all my heart and I have always known that he was made for me. Unfortunately our wedding is put on hold as I am going back to college to finish my degree and we can’t afford it right now. What a blessing it would be to win this contest and proclaim our love to the world, as we have proclaimed it to each other for the past 12 years.

And Melissa’s secret to happiness?

Very simply honesty. Keeping it real. Your feelings can never be wrong, so if you always say how you feel there is no argument. Honesty leads to trust which leads to respect which leads to loyalty which are all the foundation for a great marriage.

Please vote for Melissa and Wilmar here and help make that dream a reality.

The $100,000 New York City Magical Wedding is presented by Scotto Brothers, The Trusted Name in Hospitality!

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