High Noon Tea Fit for a Prince(ss)

Feeling fancy? Grab your tea cup and head down to the place where the tea is ever flowing and the food tastes as amazing as it looks. Introducing Prince Tea House in Marlton, New Jersey.

At first glance the decor screams all things girly with pink walls, crystal chandeliers, and marble tables. I made myself comfortable in a cozy nook overlooking the guests around me. Classical music flooded the restaurant, creating a sense of elegance and refinement. A group of women were there for a bridal shower, another for a baby shower, and sprinkled in were families enjoying a spot of tea and crepes.

The menu had an extensive selection of teas that the Mad Hatter would approve of. I chose Oolong tea with notes of passion fruit, guava, and mango as part of my Afternoon Tea for one. This package came with unlimited refills for an hour and a half with a tower of goodies.

Starting from the bottom was an assortment of tea sandwiches and savory treats. My favorite was the deviled egg and smoked salmon bites.

Middle tier consisted of a scone with clotted cream and strawberry preserves that paired well with my fruity tea. I enjoyed it best by adding spread to the scone and taking sips of tea between bites for a truly foodie experience.

At the very top were mini desserts of purple yam crepe, brownie, and a creme tart with fresh fruit. From start to finish I felt so fancy, like I was transported to England on a spring day and able to treat myself like royalty.

Onto the entree: Crabmeat Pizza. This flatbread pizza is indulgent and sure to win the hearts of anyone who wants something a bit more filling. This flatbread is topped with chunks of crabmeat and avocados, gooey mozzarella cheese, and a silky mayo base for a delicious meal between sips of tea. I expected it to be smaller but was pleasantly surprised as a large portion appeared at my table. I ate a few slices and wrapped up the rest to take home. The next day it was just as scrumptious, as I paired it with a green salad and some fruit.

What’s a dining experience without dessert? My sweet tooth was calling for the Brown Sugar Boba Mille Crepes Cake. This hybrid of a crepe and cake was taken to the next level with a burnt sugar crust, creamy syrup and boba balls to top it all off. It was almost too pretty to eat, which I had to do. The first bite had a little bit of everything; creamy from the filling, cakey from the crepes, crispy from the crème brûlée top and chewy from the boba balls. This is one of the best things I’ve put in my mouth and expect this to be my go-to item for all special occasions in the future. Brown Sugar Boba Mille Crepes Cake is beautiful to look at and even more delicious, a well deserved crowd pleaser for all ages.

Prince Tea House has multiple locations across the tristate. Visit the Marlton location at 746A West Route 70, Marlton, NJ 08053 and pinkies up!