Holiday Countdown – PANIC MODE


So you’ve got all these great holiday parties to go to, and you want to look glam and hot for them. Don’t forget your nails. Luscious Cosmetics has just the thing for your desire for glitz and glitter.

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Luscious Cosmetics Nail Lacquers, Crystal Sealant, Top Coat and Crystal Nail Lacquer Refills will do the job nicely. The crystal nail lacquers comes in 11 shades, from nude to purple. Each shade has a tiny compartment where 80 color-coordinated Swarovski Austrian Crystals are stored. You can create your own design on one or all your nails. The top coat and sealant locks the look.

You can pickup the glittery nail collection at a Sephora near you, [url=][/url] or check out for more information on where to find a boutique near you that carries them.

Speaking about nails, it’s been just about two weeks since I had the [b]Nearly Perfect Manicure[/b]. How’s it holding up? I saw Michelle today; she couldn’t believe that my manicure is that old. She kept saying, “But it looks new!” over and over again. The nails are still glossy and fresh looking. No chips, dinks, or breaks. Nothing has lifted or cracked. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a manicure look so great for so long. Want one of your own? Make an appointment at the Acqua Beauty Bar, 7 E14th Street, 212-620-4329

If you’ve been caught up in the Harry Potter craze (and who isn’t?) good news! The next book in the saga, [b]”Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”[/b] will be out in your bookstore July 16, 2005. Do you think it’s too early to pre-order?

[b][/b] is a website that’s really addictive. They sell one item a day at great prices. Today, until 11:59PM they’re selling a Cuisinart brushed stainless steel blender for $39.99. Just one item a day, every day of the week. Who knows what they’ll have tomorrow. It’s something different every day.

[b]The Cathedral of St. John the Divine[/b] is an Episcopal church that houses a torah, has artists and poets in residence, an amazing art collection and regularly holds concerts. It’s build in the Gothic style, and construction was once halted in protest towards the housing problems of the City’s Poor. It’s not completely finished. Over the holiday weekend, take a walking tour of the church. It’s only $3.00 and a lot of fun. You’ll see the sculpture garden, learn more about the city’s history and enjoy yourself. To find out more about the church and its various programs, concerts and shows go to [url=][/url] To get there take the B or C to 110 and CPW walk up the hill. Or the 1/9 train to 110 and Broadway, walk west it’s one long block.

Do you love vintage clothing but don’t know your Lilli Ann from your Hattie Carnegie? Head on over to [b]Fashion Dig[/b]. There’s online vintage clothing stores and articles on what is and isn’t vintage and how to care for them. There’s an online community so you can hook up with other vintage fashionistas, links and a list of recommended books. To learn more go to [url=][/url]

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