The Holiday Wish List of our Fave Beauty Editors


We exfoliate, peel, slather, wax, color, curl, plump, pluck and test out some pretty strange things – from snail goo on our faces to fishies eating the skin off our feet. We then curate, edit and exault the things we love, to insure that you’ve got the skinny on the latest and/or greatest. So I asked this group of beauty experts what they’d like to be gifted this season – don’t hold back, I told them – and they came up with some rather interesting choices…..some that most of us could only dream about, while others we can order lickity split and have for ourselves by tomorrow. Have a look….

While a typical Guerlain lipstick isn’t inexpensive at a high of $50, this beauty has a price tag of $62,000! The reason? The tube is made of 18 karat gold and contains 199 diamonds weighing in at 2.2 carats and then there are rubies and emeralds coating the outside. It also comes with its own brush and you can order a customized color. “Since this is the year I finally embraced the bold, red lip, and the color in the demo tube, would do quite nicely” says luxe lover Alison Blackman. Then adds, “Why would I want this? Because it’s wearable art, and of course, it has such a practical side as it’s refillable.”

Available: Special Guerlain beauty and spa boutiques

Alison Blackman – advicesisters
Leather and Lace Advice
Leather and Lace Spice:

The Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret ($100) is on Lara Eurdolian’s wish list. Lara, who already has swoon worthy locks tells us, “It’s so innovative in design and like no other curler I’ve ever seen. It’s been getting amazing reviews and looks completely innovative.”


Lara Eurdolian

Fragrance aficionado Katherine Kluznik confides, “A few years ago, a sampler set of Kilian’s fragrance collection, l’Oeuvre Noir, landed on my desk and pretty much destroyed any other perfumer’s chance with me. I horded those ten little bottles, meting out a drop here, a couple more there until my supply finally dried up. The brand’s newest fruity floral, Playing with the Devil by Kilian, ($245) now tops of my holiday wish list. And I’m asking for the big bottle this time.”

Katherine Kluznik – Beauty & Style Channel Editor

Available: Bergdorf Goodman 5th Ave and

Travel loving Amber Katz says, “My holiday pick is the Juara Hope Candle, ($32) which smells divine and takes me back to my summer vacation on Kauai, even if I’m surrounded by wind and snow in the blustery northeast.”

Amber Katz

Beauty maven Wendy Lewis says “I would kill for Bobbi Brown’s Old Hollywood Collection – I love the 1940s train case, the shimmery golds and bronzes, and sultry deep tones of the collection. It’s sexy, feminine and brings out the vamp in you. The $1400 collection contains over thirty products in a gorgeous train case.

Short of that, I would be quite happy with a lifetime supply of BOTOX.”

Wendy Lewis, Founder/Editor in Chief


So tell us, what’s on YOUR wish list?

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