Hospitality On The Hudson: World Yacht Launches Duchess Lounge


Photo: Ken Goodman Photography

There are certain things about New York City that our incomparable — our sports teams, entertainment, the locals and our cityscape, especially at night. Oh, and our pizza.

Here is the latest addition to our “incomparable” list — World Yacht’s Duchess Lounge. With a fleet of luxury vessels gliding up and down the Hudson since 1981, World Yacht at Pier 81 now offers an awesome option for parties, social gatherings and all types of get-togethers — a 3-hour, cocktail infused, Hors d’oeuvre flowing, dance-a-thon cruise. For groups and parties as little as 10, they will work with you and tailor your voyage to your individual group’s needs.

Photo: PK Greenfield

The lounge is posh, sprawling and maritime-chic (a new word) with moss-green sofas, leather Barcelona chairs and small, orange cocktail tables.

You can order just about any beverage under the sun while nibbling on light fare like tapas, canapés and mini desserts. The staff is gracious and very accommodating.

There is also a DJ on board who keeps the boat rockin’ with the best music from today’s popular hits to old school classics. Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” is almost a guarantee.

After the first hour of sailing, I don’t believe you’ll want to “lounge” too long. The views are simply spectacular as the sun sets on the city and the lights turn on from Washington Heights to Battery Park. Cruising under the Brooklyn Bridge while the subway train passes from borough to borough is amazing in its size and scope.

Photo: Ken Goodman Photography

There is a swanky and spacious roof deck where you will bump elbows with people from around the world. While you have your private lounge, they are on the dinner-cruise below. Be cordial, educate them on your city, and remember… they are only visiting while you get to stay here.

The Duchess Lounge is available for rental year-round. But the best news is that there is still time to book it before the holidays.

If your employer is not hosting a holiday party, perhaps this is your opportunity to create a celebration with your co-workers, colleagues, family and all the Facebook people that you friended. It can be rented for birthday parties, anniversaries or any reason to bring your gang together.

One final note: Your cruise in the Duchess Lounge will visit another incomparable and regal lady — Lady Liberty. While Hurricane Sandy did a lot of damage to this area, the Statue of Liberty proudly stands in our harbor as a symbol for our country: strong, resilient, free and determined. Can you think of a better way to celebrate this time and season?

Bon voyage a la American style.

Call 212-630-8103 or email Jason Hackett at [email protected] for details and to book your group’s voyage.


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