Hostess Party Gifts + Holiday Treats


If you have a superb host or hostess this season, it behooves you to flaunt your gratitude. These should do quite nicely for gifting, and you may want to double up, since you’re sure to appreciate them yourself:

Tata Harper 1

Essential Gift: Tata Harper’s Essential Night Out gift set is a limited 5-piece kit that is pitch perfect for gifting. The 100% natural Regenerating Cleanser, Resurfacing Mask Treatment, Beautifying Face Oil, Lip & Cheek Tint and entrancing Love Potion are the ultimate prep for holiday soirees and for everything you’ll face in the New Year:

Insoles 2

If your host is a practical type or if he or she snowboards or skis, ThermaCell’s Heated Insoles are a gift that will be especially appreciated on the slopes and in the snow for comfort when it counts the most. Control the three heat settings by remote. Brilliant! The insoles feature rechargeable batteries for up to 5 hours, they’re water-resistant, and they are custom fit (even for big + tall men). Read more at and stock up for winter, too.

Ocarina 3

The Ocarina hails from an ancient family of instruments dating back to more than 12,000 years. Featured in The Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time, this flute-like musical instrument is a unique gift, conversation piece, instrument and keepsake all rolled into one lovely package. Ocarina means “little goose” and you can find it at Here’s a beautiful sound sample from Evenstar from Lord of the Rings on an STL Hobbit Ocarina :

Lady 4

The website Lady Primrose is rife with unique home and bath gifts, and we love the exquisite Dusting Silk Shaker for delicately scenting your bodice, boudoir or linens. It’s available in three scents: Tryst (Fleur d’Orangery + white flowers), Royal Extract (honey, warm milk, apple blossoms, amber) and Celadon (Italian bergamot, limes, jasmine, sage, black current). Every item on this site is impressive:

Snappers 5

Holiday time wouldn’t be as sweet without a bag of Snappers by Edward Marc for kids and adults alike at parties, work, and at home. These delicious concoctions are curiously delectable, probably because they’re crunchy, sweet, salty and chocolate-y all at the same time:

Happy Holidays to All!

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