How To Book: Ask For, Receive & Offer Help

We don’t ponder this often as humans, but the art of asking for help, offering help, and receiving help is truly essential to our lives. Guidance from others figures into our career paths, our education, and even our friendships, family and love relationships. The book Go To Help: 31 Strategies to Offer, Ask for, and Accept Help by mother and daughter team Deborah Grayson Riegel and Sophie Riegel could be life-altering if you’ve been wanting strategies within this realm.

It underscores how the effects of helping each other out can be magical and life-affirming, and offers practical, real-life advice and test-case scenarios, as well as plans, execution, analytics, and accountability. This book’s advice and insight is especially useful in the workspace, where people who need help often won’t consider it or take it, and people who should be giving help to others won’t do it. After you read this edifying book, be sure to pass it on to someone you know who will benefit from it in the spirit of… well, being helpful.

Find it HERE.


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