I’m A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World

In the late nineteen fifties America was a very different place – finally having solidified its place as a global economic leader, and still a few years form the cultural and political turmoil that would characterize the later decades, the world was still a magical place where the prettiest doll in the world could change careers just by changing an outfit, could cure diseases and fly airplanes and walk runways and still be home in time to cook dinner for Ken.

And just because the country may not currently be the same consumptive paradise that it was fifty years ago, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still let the little girl in us play dress up with our dolls every once in a while. March 9th marks her official 50th birthday and to celebrate Bloomingdale’s is throwing a month long party. Following a tradition even older than Barbie, the store on 59th street will house terrific Barbie themed window displays with life-sized blond mannequins, while inside there will be a over a hundred historic Barbie dolls set up to view. In addition, a limited time in-store Barbie boutique can be found in both the midtown and Soho locations, where little girls (and girls at heart) can find apparel, accessories and most importantly, the doll herself, for sale.

Be sure not to miss Barbie’s first Bryant Park appearance ever on February 14th, as this style icon is brought to life by models wearing looks by some of the top designers in the world. Directly following the show, many of these looks can be seen by those of us without fashion week passes on display on the second floor of the 59th St Bloomingdale’s.

What: Barbie and Bloomingdale’s Exclusive Month Long 50th Anniversary Celebration
When: The window displays will be up from February 11th-22nd; Barbie’s fashion show is on Valentine’s Day, and Bloomingdale’s 59th St and Bloomingdale’s Soho will have Barbie boutiques up through March 15th.
Where: Bloomingdale’s – 59th St (between 3rd and Lexington Avenues), with window displays lining 3rd Ave and in store displays on the 2nd and 3rd floors; Barbie boutique and window displays also at Bloomingdale’s Soho (504 Broadway)

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