My sister’s having a baby, no I don’t mean maybe. Her bump in the front would put Angelina’s to shame.

I’m always wondering how best to help out since she lives on the left coast. Short of my mom and I digging all the adorable little Audrey Hepburn-style knitty suits my grandma made outta the attic (and running them through the wash two times to remove the thirty-year-old mildew), I feel like I’m at a bit of a loss with her so far away. But then I gratefully discovered Paper Mama and Paper Mama.

Clearly, it’s a tad late for the bride site, but Paper Mama arrives just in time for the… arrival. Honestly, like sis doesn’t have enough to worry about with all the rearranging, ordering and dulah visits (and deep breathing), amongst the million other things I probably don’t even realize she’s dealing with.

That’s where Paper Bride and Paper Mama come to the rescue. Both sites have really hip cards for almost any minute function you can envision pertaining to getting married and giving birth, thanking every last person involved down to the caterers, pediatricians, maid of honor, best man, nanny, babysitter, lady part’s doctor, vendors, bridesmaids, and the endless list goes on (and on). Paper Bride even has other handy accouterments like wedding invites and wrapping paper.

Of course tons of vendors sell wedding and childbirth thank you’s, but these cards get the top shelf seal of approval with really hip graphics and fresh offbeat topics, like a ‘mom going back to work’ card (which the media seems obsessed with lately, especially if mom went to Harvard!), my fav, the ‘hot mama’ and ‘mamalicious’ cards (my sis definitely gets these), and perhaps the biggest reality check for the new mom, the ‘moms get no sleep’ card.

Since actually being preggers is the most serious and time-consuming commitment of this whole ordeal, sending out cards is the perfect way for my sis’ man to help out and give him something useful to do while she’s doing all the real labor intensive work!

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