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“Our overall aim is to raise and integrate consciousness, to inspire critical thinking and true expressions of passion for the journey at hand.” – Chris Weige, founder of RECKON


Reckon. A Southern term that means to imagine, to think, to take into account, to add up.

Growing up in a rural landscape of a small Texas town, a poet was born. Who is this poet? His name is Chris Weige, and he’s the brainchild behind www.reckonwordwide.com, a site that offers more than just funky apparel, home décor, and accessories. For the artistic eye, it is the medium for expressing a message, a philosophy, a perspective. An amalgam of edgy fashion and intelligent expression, RECKON’s apparel allows you to choose the object of your inspiration and communicate it to the world. Chris elaborates his thoughts behind his burgeoning business in this way: “…it always seemed to me quite apparent that using apparel as canvas offered one a much larger audience and more of a collaborative, interactive experience. If you buy a painting and hang it in a gallery or home, the number of those seeing or experiencing it is reduced considerably by comparison to a t-shirt being worn in any city in any country in the world. The experience does not end in the purchase of the item(s).”

Click onto the site and journey into a gallery of your favorite iconoclastic and pop culture images – from film to philosophy to music to literature – you just have to pick your route. So if you’re feeling transcendental, go ‘head and request a visage of Thoreau on your shirt. Love romantic 80’s movies? Then Say Anything and have Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) woo you with that famous holding-up-the-radio stance. Feelin the rhythm and blues? Then emboss Shuggie Otis on a hoodie and get funkdafied.

Some of RECKON’s recent top sellers are: Stevie Wonder; John & Yoko; Harold and Maude; Bill Murray; John Coltrane; Frida Kahlo; Christopher Walken; Bill Hicks; Sylvia Plath; Lloyd Dobler; Joan Didion; Nabokov; and so on.

Most of RECKON’s graphics use American Apparel unless otherwise noted. Some of its kid’s clothing can be found at Hip Tadpoles (402 East 11th St. between 1st and Ave. A), but to take advantage of the company’s total available inventory and newest products, order from the website.

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