I visited the NEW SILO Brooklyn for a Techno Night Treat

What fits a vivacious night out better than losing yourself to skin-tingling beats in the crevices of the Bushwick music scene? I got a taste of the new venue SILO Brooklyn at TNL VZN, an event featuring a selection of fierce techno DJs.

Hiroko Yamamura at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN Techno Event
Hiroko Yamamura at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN / Photo Courtesy of SILO Brooklyn

The Venue

SILO Brooklyn was previously an underground party known as Secret Loft located within a converted auto-shop in Williamsburg. Outside, you’ll find that SILO feels true to these roots as the current location camouflaged well with its unassuming exterior.

After your usual ID and ticket check is the coat check to your right, past a maze of chain curtains. It’s currently priced at $4 and they take all forms of payment.

The unisex bathrooms, which will undoubtedly be a part of your visit, had incense sticks burning, which may not be for all events. They also have goodies such as gum, snacks, smokes, and sprays with a QR code for payment.

The Drink Menu

After checking my coat, my path is straight to the bar for sustenance. There are two bars: one where you enter and one in the main stage area. Both have QR codes for the menu which contains a list of cocktails, spirits, wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks including my favorite, hot tea.

The prices of cocktails and lack of well might shock a few upon initial viewing. I’m usually the first to scoff at high prices, being quite aware of how establishments (or NYC-condo-makers ) use aesthetics to justify obscene numbers. However, I feel that SILO is not doing that. Their selection is well thought out and appropriately priced.

They mention at the bottom of their menu “…we’ve sourced the most reasonably priced liquor that we’d be comfortable serving to a friend at home” and to be honest, I feel that within the selection and appreciate their focus on quality.

With a wide selection of beverages at various price points, you can always choose what serves your needs. I chose multiple tequila sodas (and maybe a shot or two).

Justin Cudmore at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN Event
Justin Cudmore at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN / Photo Courtesy of SILO Brooklyn

The Main Stage Area

The main stage is past a set of doors with artwork spanning across the entrance. The opening reached the ceiling, encouraging you into a cavernous new reality.

The main area consists of a bar immediately to the right, a large middle section with the DJ and three raised sections within railed boundaries: one to the immediate left of the room and two more further down facing the middle.

The DJ was situated within their own little island surrounded by barricades with space surrounding them for attendees to float around. It was an interesting combination of immersing the DJ with their fans but also keeping them protected as well.

Behind the DJ was a stage that occasionally showed digital artwork to stimulate the mind. It also held aerial performances sprinkled throughout the night on hoop, spiral and chain for more eye candy.

The DJs and the Crowd

Gian Paul at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN event
Gian Paul at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN / Photo Courtesy of SILO Brooklyn

I arrived in the middle of Justin Cudmore’s set unfortunately missing the fantastic work of Gian Paul. 12am is the earliest I arrive for most nighttime revelry. The crowd was already swaying, following that rhythm of galactic space funk. The silhouette of bobbing heads and wavy arms against the blue lights streaming across the room was a good sign.

Justin Cudmore at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN Event
Justin Cudmore at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN / Photo Courtesy of SILO Brooklyn

From here you can see your typical electronic music appreciators in their loving natural habitat.

We have our jacket-waist-wearers, saving that $4 coat check, as well as those wearing hoodies with the hood pulled up.

Group of friends huddled in a circle, encouraging fun awkward dancing in good spirit.

You could hear the occasional melodic whoo-ing bird call of a girl hyping up her friends, the dj, and me.

People danced in dark corners, feeling themselves in their own happy world with the music to color it.

I spotted at least 5 men with clean 5-o’clock shadows, a black t-shirt, jeans and a chain necklace.

A girl weaved her way through the sectioned metal bars where I resided to sit with a halfway propped up smile and barely propped up body supported by her two very good friends.

I also appreciated those wearing sunglasses…at night…in a dark room. You guys are amazing.

And finally of course we have the guy who claps to hype up the people around him. The clappers are an essential part of the ecosystem.

Hiroko Yamamura at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN Techno Event / Photo Courtesy of Magnum PR
Hiroko Yamamura at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN / Photo Courtesy of SILO Brooklyn

Hiroko Yamamura followed in a river of rapidly flashing red lights, upping the energy. The mixes were dark, pop-y and felt deep in your gut. A performer elegantly weaved her body around a spiral shape hanging from the ceiling, their shadow multiplied against a red backdrop creating a seductively sickening effect.

Aerial performer at TNL VZN photo by Sophia Calderone
Aerial performer at TNL VZN / Photo by Sophia Calderone

Screams of delight, drinks in the air, bodies moving – but the spiritual session is not over.

Last set of the night was the fist pumping acid beats of WTCHCRFT. Somehow it felt spooky, uplifting, booty shaking and head banging all at the same time. Everyone was into it. The crowd thinned as we reached the end of the festivities. Yet the passionate remained with the never-ending grins, clinking drinks, passing vapes, and the spacey silent exchange of nods. It was worth it to stay until the end where I got to fist bump the man himself.


Crowd at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN Event
Photo Courtesy of SILO Brooklyn

After several drinks, friendly interactions, and lots of ecstatic body movement, I felt I had reached the peak of existential pleasurable exhaustion.

I found the space to be the perfect size. It was small enough to feel intimate, and even with less people earlier on in the night, it still felt relatively full. It also felt large enough that if you came pre-programmed on liquids or other fun things you’d get lost and have a great time.

The DJ selection for the TNL VZN event was impeccable as the crowd’s energy never faltered. The addition of aerial artists was brilliant. The lights, sound, and space with its metallic, domed greenhouse effect, encouraging rhythmic wriggling in a very happy crowd – it all felt just right. And all that and no hangover. I’m dreamily looking forward to my next visit.

Until next time SILO.



Drink at SILO Brooklyn TNL VZN Photo by Sophia Calderone
Crappy Blurry Photo by Sophia Calderone
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